My Suggestion A Good Ppc Network For Webmasters


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My name is Florin and i am representing

For our Publisher we offer:
High CPC because we use PPC+CPA system.
Minimum withdrawal is $50 and you get paid on 5th of each month.
Earn up to $1 per click for quality traffic.
Our average PPC rate for USA is $0,15.
100% compatible with Adsense
Our top publishers earn around $0,50 per click.

Also for our Advertisers we offer:
We have more than 1000 direct publishers.
Target campaign by category,demographic,keywords and country.
Also you can target by device,browser and operating system.
Retargeting option for your campaign.
You can use banners and text ads.
Use tracking code in your website to track conversions.
Start from $30 and $0,10 per click.

Give a try and you will see great results:

steve taylor

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It is good ppc network for earning with the help of ads.
your short description is helpful for freshers.
It is simple to use and it is best way to earn money very fastly online.
simple add ads on your website and increase your website click if you do this then your website value is increased.

Zirkon Kalti

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It isn't easy to get in Tribal Fusion because of the high site requirements. Your site must have at least 5000 visitors every day in order to get approved.
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