A hot drink 'can alleviate the symptoms of a common cold'

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Having a hot drink really can alleviate the symptoms of a cold and cough, scientists have found.

Drinking the traditional remedy of hot fruit cordial can ease a runny nose, sneezing and even the feeling of tiredness that can come with being unwell, according to a new study.

Millions of people will suffer a cold or the flu this winter.

"It is surprising that this is the first scientific research on the benefit of a hot drink for treating cold and flu symptoms," said Professor Ron Eccles, the director of Cardiff University's Common Cold Centre, where the study was carried out.

"With temperatures falling and Christmas just round the corner, cold viruses love this time of year.

"Having a bottle of fruit cordial in the cupboard and making a hot drink could help fight off the symptoms of festive cold and flu.

"The big advantage of this type of treatment is that it is cheap as well as safe and effective."

The study found that "a simple hot drink of fruit cordial can provide immediate and sustained relief from symptoms of runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness", the researchers report in the journal Rhinology.

The study compared the effects of drinking an apple and blackcurrant cordial either hot or at room temperature among 30 volunteers with common cold symptoms.

The researchers now believe that cold and flu sufferers should have a hot drink to help reduce their symptoms.



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I know loads of my friends who've gone down with colds already this winter. So far I've remained cold free, but I doubt I'll get through to spring without picking one (or more) up.
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