Help Me/Question Adding Image In Post Is Important While Using Google+

Doominic anderson

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I have created my account on google+ for promoting my new website.
While i will make some post,it is important to add an image in my post,is it helps to get more attention of readers.
Give me your advice because i don't use google+ before and don't have much knowledge about google+.


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If you are sharing on social media sites such as facebook, pinterest and google + you must always have at least one image on your article. In these sites, your image is used as preview. If you have a good image, it can lure people to check the link. Content image on google + works similar to facebook


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Yes I can honestly say that adding images on the post in posting any status to my Google+ account is totally worth it. Actually, it is one of the reasons why you are getting more engagement by adding images within the post. The same thing goes to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networks that I'm in now. Last time, I did split test between two posts that have no image, and the other one with image. Based on my observation, it turns out that posts with images are getting more clicks than just text alone. Just my own two cents guys.

Prasoon Arora

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Adding images as in compared to the brief description, no doubt have good impact of your visitors and is referred more now a days. It have also been found that adding images to your description act as transparency to what you are and what you show.
We even will prefer to anything, if there is any type of transparency and will avoid referring to unknown description without images, may be with more terms and conditions.

Manish Mishra

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Images plays a vital role when it added in posts. Sometimes, you find helpless to explain something with your content but with images you don't. If you have to suggest someone "how to add avatar on WMS forum". It is easily be explained when you add images of that particular space and a few click guide let the user done in no time. This also gives a bonus for your content that how easily you really could have solve the issues from your audience.
Images can make a lot of change and so important to create backlinks as well if they are optimized well.

steve taylor

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Yes in the social media no one want to read anything else.
If you upload your Work graphically Any people want to see it.
So you want to crowed on your website Shear graphical content of your website and interactive content.
When it not work Then you add many people of your google plus account Then share your product will go to higher ratings.


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Placing a good image in your Google account will give you the opportunity to articulate the professionalism of your business. The thing about complete profiles is the fact that it will gain confidence from a follower that you are legit.

niranjan kumar

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if you are using a image related to your content that you want to post or try to explain your written in image. that really very helpful for getting more engagement or traffic for your website. it's a little difficult to find a perfect image for a post, but a little time that spend on it it's very helpful.


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It really makes beautiful, even I too like view images including in forums, Can you see without images in an article how it looks and with images?
Every post must have an image in Google plus too, it just takes a minute, but brings tons of traffic if promoted well.