My Experience Adhexa Cpm Network


It's Game Time!

Good day to everyone!

I hope you are doing fine and well in your business. Looks like everyone is busy in working for their dreams, and it is important that we need to focus on it. You know why? It is because dreams can be turned into reality once we are going to stay focused on what's working, and stay away from the ones that isn't.

But we are not going to talk more about dreams here. Instead, I am here again to share again one of the websites that I've experienced before, and it's no other than Adhexa. Before I am going to share my experience with Adhexa, I would like to give you guys a brief overview about Adhexa.

By the way, these stats above are not mine because I haven't joined there last 2014.....

What is Adhexa?

Adhexa is an advertising and publishing platform where you can earn money in a CPM (cost per milli) basis, and they're claiming to be one of the world's leading eCPMs websites. They are paying via Paypal once you reach the minimum amount of $5.00 for withdrawal. The reason why I am joining Adhexa, is because I want to earn extra money for my websites, and I see great potential to earn money as long you have good amount of traffic and visitors to your websites, blogs and landing pages.

How it works?

Basically, you are going to copy the ad code into your blog and you'll be paid for every 1,000 unique visitors, and their CPM rates are updated daily. For example, let's say the CPM rate is $0.50 and you have 5,000 visitors in average daily. It means you are averaging $2.50 everyday, and it only takes you two days to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. In order for you to make a lot of money with Adhexa, you need to have a website that has a lot of unique and quality visitors. But I would suggest that to increase your CPM rate, you should be targeting traffic for top tier countries like USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, and the rest are lower than that.

By the way, this is not my own payment proof yet. It's from someone else....

Is Adhexa is still legit and paying?

For me, I think they are. They have been around for a while and still paying up to date. The payment proof above isn't mine, but you can find several payment proofs on the internet by searching "Adhexa 2015 payment proofs".

My own Adhexa CPM network experience

Let me share to you how I get started with Adhexa. I had a gaming silo blog that has been running and updating for almost a year without monetizing it. My purpose was to test if my blog's traffic have increased every month, and I'm glad it did but only a little difference. So I decided to give it a shot and see if I indeed earn money there.

To be honest, the eCPM rate is lower than I thought, but it's just for testing purposes. Maybe the traffic that I targeted was not mostly on top tier countries, but on the lower side. But anyway, it is just trial and error. I did earn money everyday on Adhexa, but it was pretty low because I do not target top tier countries. When my gaming blog has expired, I stopped my Adhexa and I am stuck right now at more than $0.40 in earnings.

But it was a learning experience for me. I am giving myself time to rethink of some strategies and tactics that could work well with my Adhexa ads. I researched and studied on the different strategies that most people are earning a lot of money with affiliate and CPA offers, pay per download files and so on. I am brainstorming nowadays on the niches, website and tools that I need to maximize my earnings with Adhexa. I was excited right now and I have all the tools and sources ready, but I need to come up with an amount to invest in order to get this project started. I just need to manage my funds very well coming from different earning sources like freelancing, selling health products, affiliate marketing or so.


I might not earn very well on Adhexa because I didn't take time to get serious in maximizing my traffic, but I would definitely say that this CPM network is going to bring me a lot of potential to earn passive income as long I generate a lot of highly targeted traffic in no time. So therefore, why not give Adhexa a try? I hope you have learned through my experience with Adhexa CPM network.