Help Me/Question Adnetworks For Niche Websites


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I am in the middle of monetizing three websites, which are in three different niche.Please suggest good PPC, CPA, CMP ad networks? Adsense is best PPC network, what are the networks that pay better rate fo CPA and CMP? How about using different networks on same website?


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PPC is not for monetizing, its a advertising platform.
Using PPC, you can advertise your website on various platforms. To use PPC networks such as Google Adwords or Bing, you need to be good at it, its not childs play. You have to invest a lot.
Second, CPA, if you are starting with CPA, go for cpagrip OR choose from these networks - list of cpa networks
Third, CMP, you mean CPM, right? its cost per thousand, just like Adsense, but adsense works in other way.
There are hundreds of CPM networks, you just have to choose the right one,meaning who pays much more than other.
Good Luck!


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With Adsense you have to follow some rules for using other affiliate programs. Without Adsense you can mix ads because affiliate programs allow for placing with other programs too.

IF you want CPM networks, first check on buy sell ads as per the requirement and if you have more visitors the advertisers comes automatically to your desk. I suggest you to post your stats so people can suggest best programs that meet to your website.

It all depends upon the location for getting success in CPA networks, else place the code from CPC programs.


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I would add to this list Smartyads programmatic company, as it deals with publishers and ad buyers and offers wide range of solutions. The rate is very nice especially if you have US traffic.


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Have you tried Rhythm One, Realkai, Exponential ad networks? They are some average and small ad networks that I can easily sign up and get approved fast. I once joined Rhythm One but 2 months ago I tried switching to Realkai for my website and it's all great til now.
Just give them a try!