Adobe Illustrator vs Corel Draw

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Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw

So the question is very simple : what would you choose ? Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw ?

Personally I find both very easy to work with but when it comes about drawing stuff I prefer Corel Draw.

If I need to create for example business cards or maps/ presentation folders, I think Adobe Illustrator is easier to use.

Please share you experience regarding this topic : Adobe Illustrator vs Corel Draw


Illustrator all the way.

I've been in the graphics arts/print industry for 8 years and am fluent in both Illustrator and corel draw. I work soley with illustrator and photoshop. offense is a joke. Try to do basic colour matching with large format printers and see what happens...colour range is very limited not to mention the colour examples on screen are wayyyy off (royal blue's appear to be bright purple on screen?) try designing a remax ad with a client and tell them that the purple will actually be blue.... Not to mention that all printers and plotters run from eps formats and are totally accessaby by photoshop, AI, corel draw etc. Where as CDR files can only be opened by corel, also when exporting basic jpegs from corel it corrupts the file and will not be able to be opened by anything other than corel, NOT EVEN PHOTOSHOP! Conversion from illustrator to corel is fine, yet conversion from corel to AI is terrible fonts replace itself, compound paths get released, gradients split into thousands of lines, and the list goes on. Bottom line Adobe is industry standard and when you get into bigger agencies corel is the industries dirty little secret. Two good points that corel has over Ai is its instant font conversion when people forget to convert their fonts to curves, and its unlimited page space.


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Choosing one from these two totally depends upon your personal choice. I think that coral draw offers some more advanced features than adobe illustrator. I am using coral draw. I have been using CD since version 4 and am now using version 11. It has newsgroups that you can also post to, but you must access through your email software.


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From what I've experienced, Corel has a more user-friendly interface. Adobe Illustrator seamed to me harder to learn, a couple of years ago.


coreldraw is easy and not harder, it has fills and gradients, but adobe illustrator has an interface like adobe photoshop, so adobe illustrator is harder from the beginning when you wish to work with round, sqare, rounded square, star shapes. Early versions of adobe illustrator have pen tool, add anchor point, delete anchor point, convert anchor point tool, magic wand, brush tool, it is similar to the tools of photoshop. adobe illustrator later on renewed their versions in cs/cs2/cs3/cs4/cs5. In adobe illustrator cs3/cs4 has a mesh tool.
as for as corel draw it is more simple and easy, you can add or delete points with shape tools, to convert text in curves with key combination left ctrl+Q, to combine objects (similar functions has adobe illustrator type meny-create outlines, using pathfinder toolbox to combine objects - minus front). I have learned adobe illustrator for one year and I say it is harder than coreldraw. I have learned coreldraw for 4 months and it is mor friendly for practical use. both adobe illustrator and coreldraw you can make clipping mask in adobe illustrator and powerclip effects in coreldraw on photographs. both adobe illustrator and coreldraw you can make design packaging, brochures, fliers, business cards. Adobe Illustrator is better for gradients than corel.
As for CorelDraw - it has besier curves in the earlier versions from coreldraw 3 to coreldraw 12, the new versions of coreldraw x3, x4 and x5 have a pen tool, smart fill, smart drawing, table tool.
Adobe illustrator is better in applying transparencies and opacities than coreldraw, but you can combine both coreldraw and adobe illustrator, it depends on your skills.
sorry for long posting!!!
I use to use coreldraw back in 1996 but when I started using Adobe illustrator I find that was so easy and the more I used Illustrator the more I gained my skills and now I perfer Illustrator over coreldraw cause you can do more in Illustrator and there is more effects and filters I think I use both CS3 AND CS4 have not seen CS5 yet


I think it really all comes down to personal preference. Although it's always good to know both, I'd say go with what you're more comfortable with.
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My preference is for Adobe Illustrator. It is the more popular of the two and it is easier to find free tutorials online if you are looking to learn new techniques.
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