Adsense ready Website for 10 forum posts - Let's trade !

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10 Adsense ready Websites for forum posts - Let's trade !

Let's trade ! I have a forum here , I need posts. The posts should be one to two sentences each, to qualify. If you post 20, you can choose 4 categories ! If you post 30, you get 10 sites, with resale rights ! Please post both new threads and replies. Thanks !

I have 150 categories to choose from listed right here :

"Acne" article count=229

"Advertising" article count=362

"Aerobics & Cardio" article count=47

"Affiliate Revenue" article count=369

"Alternative Medicine" article count=776

"Attraction" article count=534

"Online Auction" article count=255

"Streaming Audio & Online Music" article count=34

"Aviation & Flying" article count=115

"Babies & Toddler" article count=387

"Beauty" article count=622

"Blogging, RSS & Feeds" article count=335

"Book Marketing" article count=140

"Book Reviews" article count=214

"Branding" article count=234

"Breast Cancer" article count=35

"Broadband Internet" article count=57

"Muscle Building & Bodybuilding" article count=243

"Careers, Jobs & Employment" article count=1147

"Casino & Gambling" article count=450

"Coaching" article count=513

"Coffee" article count=106

"College & University" article count=162

"cooking tips" article count=167

"Copywriting" article count=284

"Crafts & Hobbies" article count=287

"Creativity" article count=197

"Credit" article count=459

"Cruising & Sailing" article count=170

"Currency Trading" article count=116

"Customer Service" article count=296

"Data Recovery & Computer Backup" article count=61

"Dating" article count=382

"Debt Consolidation" article count=143

"Debt Relief" article count=208

"Depression" article count=144

"Diabetes" article count=93

"Divorce" article count=97

"Domain Name" article count=119

"E-Book" article count=146

"E-commerce" article count=240

"Elder Care" article count=65

"Email Marketing" article count=372

"Entrepreneur" article count=314

"Ethics" article count=48

"Exercise & Fitness article count=262

"Ezine Marketing" article count=84

"Ezine Publishing" article count=174

"Fashion & Style" article count=233

"Fishing" article count=199

"Fitness Equipment" article count=227

"Forums" article count=50

"Game" article count=79

"Goal Setting" article count=398

"Golf" article count=474

"Dealing with Grief & Loss" article count=108

"Hair Loss" article count=144

"Finding Happiness" article count=257

"Computer Hardware" article count=262

"Holiday" article count=389

"Home Improvement" article count=693

"Home Security" article count=59

"Humanities" article count=251

"Humor & Entertainment" article count=93

"Innovation" article count=121

"Inspirational" article count=830

"Insurance" article count=373

"Interior Design & Decorating" article count=530

"Internet Marketing" article count=971

"Investing" article count=349

"Landscaping & Gardening" article count=583

"Language" article count=37

"Leadership" article count=277

"Leases & Leasing" article count=31

"Loan" article count=403

"Mesothelioma & Asbestos Cancer" article count=54

"Business Management" article count=1276

"Marketing" article count=1321

"Marriage & Wedding" article count=598

"Martial Arts" article count=89

"Medicine" article count=383

"Meditation" article count=80

"Mobile & Cell Phone" article count=194

"Mortgage Refinance" article count=619

"Motivation" article count=719

"Motorcycle" article count=47

"Music & MP3" article count=423

"Negotiation" article count=60

"Network Marketing" article count=434

"Networking" article count=180

"Nutrition" article count=569

"Get Organized - Organization" article count=197

"Outdoors" article count=235

"Parenting" article count=1072

"Personal Finance" article count=169

"Personal Technology" article count=231

"Pet" article count=838

"Philosophy" article count=83

"Photography" article count=230

"Poetry" article count=202

"Political" article count=612

"Positive Attitude Tips" article count=484

"Pay-Per-Click Advertising" article count=276

"Public Relations" article count=556

"Pregnancy" article count=138

"Presentation" article count=148

"Psychology" article count=113

"Public Speaking" article count=155

"Real Estate" article count=931

"Recipes & Food and Drink" article count=230

"Relationship" article count=707

"Religion" article count=471

"Sales" article count=422

"Sales Management" article count=151

"Sales Telemarketing" article count=37

"Sales Training" article count=354

"Satellite TV" article count=48

"Science Articles" article count=271

"Internet Security" article count=237

"Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" article count=874

"Sexuality" article count=166

"Web Site Promotion" article count=338

"Small Business" article count=800

"Software" article count=574

"Spam Blocking" article count=119

"Spirituality" article count=912

"Stocks" article count=416

"Strategic Planning" article count=211

"Stress Management" article count=370

"Structured Settlements" article count=31

"Success" article count=794

"Nutritional Supplements" article count=373

"Taxes" article count=138

"Team Building" article count=159

"Time Management" article count=249

"Top Quick Tips" article count=159

"Traffic Building" article count=376

"Vacation Rental" article count=188

"Video Conferencing" article count=26

"Video Streaming" article count=30

"VOIP" article count=72

"Wealth Building" article count=217

"Web Design" article count=544

"Web Development" article count=373

"Web Hosting" article count=221

"Weight Loss" article count=1329

"Wine & Spirits" article count=68

"Writing" article count=645

"Article Writing" article count=363

"Yoga" article count=73
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How is the traffic?
Approximatley how many unique visitors are on the site daily.


On my site ? We just got listed a week or so ago, we're at just under 1K a day - but then it also falls to 400 on some days. Why ? :) That's why I'd like some posts going :)
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