My 2 Cents Advantage For Guest Posting

Pooja Sharma

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Merging of knowledge can results in the best answer to any solution. Guest posting is one of the platform where users posts their feedback and suggestion as per their experience, and which is further utilized by readers for their support. Thus, the support forum page is subscribed more adding more numbers of visitors. Moreover giving an improved position of the page in search engines. With increase in the number of posts by users, there is increase in your readers for the page, resulting in your place improvement with the search engines.

Lalit Malviya

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Different views of users always add knowledge to the database which is further utilized by other subscribers. When more knowledge, and feedback with users experiences are shared,transparency comes to the fact and the options respective to the given post can easily be judged whether should be reported as useful or not.

Swati Mishra

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For making the website popular quality of blog post is important. Guest posting is the best way of building of your own brand name. You can share your idea to the reader it will possible to make sure by guest posting.

steve taylor

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Guest posting is more helpful in analysis suggestion and feedback of the website visitors and the customer for the business. But there should be some strategy about guest posting like guest have limited privileged and all the feedback and suggestion given by the guest must be moderated by the moderator before publish them, that help in avoid spamming.

Prasoon Arora

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Guest posting, unlikely to older days, is very much famous now. Thanks to all the big and famous blogs that enabled guest posting and gave the bloggers to do what they would love to. Share their knowledge on a bigger platform or other things as well.
Guest posting is very useful .

Zirkon Kalti

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Writing a guest post can help to increase the exposure of your brand name so that more people know your products.For example, if you submit a guest post at a site with 100,000 visitors per month, your guest post is likely to get viewed by a few thousands times. Out of these views, there might be a few hundred visitors that will come to your site through the link in your guest post. Those people who read your guest post and didn't click through will remember your brand name and probably next time they will buy from you when they see your brand name elsewhere on the web.

Prasoon Arora

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Guest posting helps your business grow by the mean of mouth to mouth advertisement. If one posts his query other is ready to share the feedback with their experience and rest others shows their interest in further explaination.

Guest posting expose the real views of subscribers and shows the real image of your business which results in the brand preference due to its known name.


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Sure guest posting is also a good source to get unique and huge traffic. One more main benefit of guest blogging is that it helps you make your domain name and search engine authority. It helps to build your portfolio, credibility and your Online Influence. One major lesson I learnt from this is to improve my writing skills.


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Most blogs that accept guest posts allow their contributors to leave at least one link to their own site. ... Still, even a single backlink from an authoritative blog will greatly benefit your SEO. They make your content more discoverable and indexable to search engines like Google.