My Suggestion Advantages Of Digital Marketing Over Physical Marketing


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• It helps organizations to create a broad customer base as it does not depends on interaction or physical presence
• It enhance customers to interact directly with organizations and businesses
• It is not restricted by usual business timings – customers can interact online at any time 24 hours, 7 days a week
No doubt both types of marketing strategies are very essential in the marketplace and each business has to evaluate their future and current client base before go on board at digital marketing dealings.


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Physical marketing doesnt lets you reach a broader audience, which can only be possible with some tools that are used in digital marketing & allow you to reach relevant niches of users who are probably interested in your business.


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Digital Marketing is very popular now a days .There are many advantages on digital marketing and we can sell increasing quickly through digital marketing .
SEO ,SEM , SMM , Google Adwords are very important for digital marketing.
@asifrakib Thanks for your comment. Digital marketing is an attractive priority for businesses around the globe because a lot of people are using the internet round the clock. An online course, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is enlightening the notion of digital marketing and its relevance to industry. It also consists of Digital marketing with consumer platforms and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.


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Even there are universities coming up globally offering DM courses / certificates allowing people to learn more of online marketing concepts.

This is a great thing in itself & has got a lot of potential when we are moving to new era of technology.


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What I really like most about digital marketing is that they are intangible products compare to physical ones. It means that copies are not always out of stock, but you can set the limit on how many digital products that you want to give away or sell like no other. However, I still respect physical product marketing because it is where it all started. Our computer or laptop is a physical and tangible product, and we can't do digital marketing without these units and internet connection. So I will still give credit to physical marketing, but digital marketing is still very demanding nowadays.

Manish Mishra

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Making your presence physically is almost impossible than to have an online presence to most of the people. I believe reaching out to the most of the people is convenient if and only if we are going digital.

e.g. Reaching out every doors physically in Lahore is like pain in ass but if you go digital, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Websites, etc, could be the key to worked out and even sold your product to thousands people in no time.


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I think for me, digital marketing has these pros:

1. It is more affordable. Setup a Facebook or Twitter account and you're ready to market your blog or site. It doesn't even cost money if you do it that way. You can spend money on certain things like logos and graphics but that's about it.

2. Very easy to do. You don't need seminars or conferences to be able to do digital marketing. You can do it without any experience at all and with just the help of the internet.


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The main benefits of digital marketing are that it saves a lot of time and money. You need not travel around the world because the whole world is under the control of your fingertips. Speed and efficiency are its specialities.


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One of the main advantages for me is the amount of people that you can get to. Digital marketing doesn't limit you to your local area or country but can help you cast your net globally if you wish and that in turn often means you'll get more potential customers than what you would handing out flyers for example.


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Thanks for valuable discussion. I want to add some more……. True content, customer experience and right display are core segments of digital marketing. Content is what is inspired, it is usually brief introduction about a product or service.
Online Marketing involves accepting of prospects’ needs and the shipping of products and offering services which would be attractive to buyers. It could be also cover activities such as market research, advertising, promotion and the selling of products and services as well.


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Digital marketing is also affordable and sometimes free plus it makes one's business visible without going through a lot of stress. Small-time businesses have also taken advantage of digital marketing. But of course, physical marketing has been the model of what we have today and their very purpose are also integrated in the new era of boosting sales.

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Yes you are Right digital marketing is now days is very best option over the physical marketing.
Every people want to buy a produce without wasting his time and money digital marketing provide both things And it is available 24*7 .
you can order any time any product.
but physical marketing open limited time and it is not provide latest offer to customer.


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It is impossible to be present everywhere to sell your product and services. physical marketing requires strength and time as it is very difficult to promote your product by visiting every door.
Digital marketing came as an alternative of physical marketing as you can reach to everyone through social media like facebook,twitter,whatsapp,hike,instagram etc.and it helps in updating customers about new products within seconds.
Digital marketing saves your time in comparison to physical marketing.


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With digital marketing, you can reach your audience almost immediately after you've started your campaigns. This has been enhanced by the use of modern technology including devices and the power of social sharing. It is cheaper to market digitally than marketing on newspapers or on billboards. It is also easier to track how your audience react to your marketing strategies. You can get feedback much faster than when you advertise on newspapers.