My 2 Cents Affiliate marketing tips

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Affiliate Marketing Tips are widely known and we don't pretend to have a big secret to success..
Here are some tips:

> Choose a topic you know.
> Banners, Banners, and More Banners.
> There is no Best Merchant Program.
> Use multiple merchants in the same niche.
> There is no Best Network.
> What are Content Sites
> What are Data (Product Info) Sites.
> Parasites and how they affect you.
> Building your first Site.
> Buying a domain name.
> Work at it.
> Educate yourself.
> The next step.

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The only things you need to for affiliate marketing are good communication skill, web promotion knowledge, product knowledge you are going to promote, a site or good connections in social networks. Utilizing these things you can certainly increase your affiliate commissions.
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