Tutorial All You Need To Know About Payza - Formerly - Alertpay


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What is Payza?

Payza is an online payment money processing service. You can receive and send money wherever you want. You can use Payza to shop online, send money online using your credit card, bank account or Payza e-wallet.

How many types of account do Payza have?

You can have two types of account - Personal account and Business account.
If you are a big business firm, you can have a Corporate account.

What are Payza Fees?

Personal account - Receiving fee is 2.5% + $0.25 per transaction, no receiving limits. Personal account is perfect to those who shop or sell online.
Business account - Specially for people who run businesses online. You will have access to special tools for business activities. Transaction fees - 2.5% + 0.25 per transaction.
Add funds - 5% via Credit card and 20$ via bank wire, for both accounts

How to Register with Payza?

Step 1 - Open Payza.com. Select Personal or business,whatever suits your needs.

Step 2 - Fill all the necessary data that is required and click on Get started.

Step 3 - Start filling out more essential data, including bank details, credit card details. Data is required in order to receive and send money.

Step 4 - Check your email for confirmation of the account, you need to verify it.

Step 5 - Validate your account and Done. You have created your payza account.

Check this video for full process on how to register with payza.

Why Alertpay changed to Payza?


I don't know the exact reason why it happened, may be they were not able to keep on running and fulfill the requirements of their users.

Payza Review ?

This must be hard for me to explain, I am using their service but not that much. I have saw reviews on internet all are mixed opinions. Make sure you double check before joining them.

Payza Customer Support?

You can open a ticket or you can chat with their live chat service. Visit Customer Support page

Other Payza service - Besides Payza website, you can find there mobile site and Payza app on Internet.

How to do Payza to PayPal Transfer?

I havent done this and I don't recommed doing this, but if you want to you can head over to this link, which have various options to try.
Payza to paypal transfer

I hope its useful. If you have more points to add, submit below this thread.


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Can you mention why they changed from Alert pay to Payza? does it looks lie Paypal alternative?
Does they are scammers and do they support?
Where does this office registered and who is liable to pay if they fed up with money?


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I don't know why Payza changed their name from Alertpay, probably they wanted to rebrand and invested more in growth. They did get a lot more exposure in the recent years and have been discussed much more than before.

I would use Payza only if I did not have option to use PayPal, for me PayPal is still the number one payment processor online especially to get paid by clients or to send money. Last time I had to contact Payza support, it took me forever to get my questions answered with their support ticket system. PayPal however has a higher quality support system with a huge knowledgebase, email and phone support.


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Yes, there is no doubt that PayPal is the best online payment system as on date. They are very prompt and quick in response. Moreover, I think there is no fee for receiving funds in PayPal. They only charge for withdrawal at 4.4% +$0.30 in India and I don't know about other countries.

PayPal is available in most of the sites and that makes it widely acceptable among users. PayPal also limits accounts of sites involved in dubious activities to protect our interests.


I have an account on both, PayPal and Payza. To my convenience, PayPal is a much better option to transfer funds directly to my bank account. Since I live in Inida, Payza doesn't support transferring funds via bank transfer in my local currency. Instead, I have to request for bank wire transfer which costs too much and also need verification. But I can easily transfer my Payza funds to PayPal via a trusted UK based exchanger site for which I have to pay a little fee to them every time. It's working pretty great for me.


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I also have an account on both Payza and Paypal, but I tend to use Paypal more than Payza. Maybe Payza, was trying to use a bit of Paypal fame, by adding Pay to their name, we'll never know. But generally Payza is accepted in my country which gives 1 above Paypal for me.


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Can you mention why they changed from Alert pay to Payza?
I guess the old ones (alertpay) gone bankrupt or thought to move on. Can't found specific reason for that.

does it looks lie Paypal alternative?
If you ask me Ill say no, but there are some mix opinions.

Does they are scammers and do they support?
From my point of view, company like paypal, payza, skrill dont scam there users, its there users who take wrong advantage of it.

Where does this office registered and who is liable to pay if they fed up with money?
Visit their page here .


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I have heard about Alertpay before but I never thought that it was the original Payza. Thanks that I learned some knowledge here. I do have a Payza account and have some few dollars in it. I never verified it eventhough I have a debit card that I can use in it. Since I am not using that service now, I decided not to verify it yet. It was just quite complex to verify.