Almost all online p*rn made from captive women & children

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I had been visiting chat rooms in which (captive) semi clad girls would hang out trying to encourage visitors to
purchase a private show. I've learned much about the huge Mafia involvement in the Internet while trying to help
these people over the last four years. Perhaps you'll agree with me as you read on that it's foolish the way we lay
ourselves bare by trusting it with our banking details, credit cards or personal information the way we do,
cybercrime now being more profitable than the illegal drugs trade - worth more than $100 billion a year. It will
probably surprise you to learn of some of the household names riddled with organised crime. Also that almost all
online pornography is produced of captive women and children very often natives in Russia & Eastern Europe or
trafficked from those countries to others. The list of prisons at the foot of this page only includes those with a
major online presence & is the tip of the iceberg.

I went back to Pornication while I prepared to sell up my shop to leave England indefinitely with the
proceeds. I wanted to encourage girls I knew & liked & who I knew could do better to see the waste, the value of
bodily integrity & find some other way to earn a living. It transpired that they did not have the option. That they
were prisoners with no hope of release, allowed only the kind of human rights meted out by Mafia, who were their
captors. Pornication was transmitted mainly from St. Petersburg Russia & a studio in Ontario Canada. 'benice' , the
man keeping an eye on the chat was Mafia, and based in Canada, so I would expect most of the Canadian girls to be
captive too. These days most on site are from Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania).
Speaking to outsiders in the hope of rescue would bring floggings, beatings, electrocution, & starvation.
Persistence would result in the deaths of family members, their children, & ultimately their own. Also persistent
'trouble makers' are trafficked by a company called Alla escort to Japanese cities like Osaka & Tokyo. They can be
found with a thorough & surprise search of 'Seventh heaven', or 'Private Eyes' / 'One-eyed Jack', where they might
be dancing under guard, through the 'Miss Platinum' escort agency or at a hotel within easy walking distance,
transfered under armed escort, where they will sleep & be prostituted. The deeper I dig for trafficking in Tokyo the
more names are coming up, many operating in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, the problem we face here is integral &
girls doubtless shuffled around. Japan is as I've said a punishment, I've heard one report of a girl denied water
until she would drink dog urine & perform oral sex on the dog for internet porn. I found it at first surprising that
it was possible to contain captives in a hotel, but it is common even across the EU to see slaves in hotels & even
on the streets, apparantly free to go if they wished. This is not the case. As you'll read here there is a system
can be used which can almost totaly prevent anyone running without being followed, and being followed would almost
certainly result in a stabbing. I hear the main reason the seemingly free comply, is that their families back home,
in lawless countries will be killed if they go. The girls I have been dealing with are locked away & kept under
guard, because being victims of such extreme human rights abuses they would run at any opportunity.

In Japan they are locked away for the use of Japanese business men who like beautiful Russian girls, but
also in lower profile prisons away from the city. Because I've been campaigning for so long it is now difficult for
me to communicate with authorities discreetly. I've been having the trouble that although I often hear when the
Trafficking takes place & sometimes the destintion, I tell the authorities but the girls have been hidden away until
the heat dies down. Back to the begining then, I decided to fly out to St. Petersburg to see what I could do to
help. Captives passed me a link to a web page which contained the destination address, a 2257 compliance notice. The
address was NaStudio ul. Vishnevskogo 11-17, 197022 Saint-Petersburg, Russia. (НаСтудио, ул.Вишневского, 11-17,
г.Санкт-Петербург, Россия) I wasn't aware of it at the time but the other Russian address I found there also houses
captives. I did not visit the other during my time in Russia which was TCS Productions 240 19 Pushkinskaya Street,
Saint-Petersburg, 189620 Russia ("TCS Productions" 240 19 ул. Пушкинская, Санкт-Петербург, 189620 Россия). was where I initially met with captives. Also though, they are working
ifriends, Livejasmin, I'm live, or just about any cam girl site of the type. Their images also appear on sites like the same pictures not unusualy appearing with different names & profiles. The market for these
kinds of sites & Internet porn in general is cornered by Mafia. Imprisonment, torture, murder & corruption are
standard modes of operation. On many of the streaming cam websites one girl is typically shown under several
different chat names at any one time. Some of the girls are free, some only so for the moment. Most are captive.
ifriends,, privatefeeds are showing heavily pregnant girls, they are prisoners & those children born
which are not executed for their mothers seeking help will be prisoners also. A search I did in 2004 revealed an
interview with an unashamed Mafia boss of some kind talking about his purchase of ifriends, and describing how he
had silenced someone who had been going around telling people that they shouldn't use his services, not by 'breaking
his arms' but by calling him on the phone. I've tried to locate that since but I've been unable to. It's my
experience that anti-Mafia web pages which pose a threat are as often hacked and deleted as not, & if the source is
persistent they are targeted to prevent further posts. This was part reason for my mass forum postings, I've had my
posts interfered with/deleted many times. The same captives can be found spamming the yahoo chat rooms with porn
links. The adult rooms are especially thick with them. If you try to converse with one their jailers will likely
tell you they are a 'bot', & they might periodically enquire "any real women in here?". They are very human. As time
went by I discovered that yahoo are a largely Mafia owned company. Not entirely, Microsoft have shares in Yahoo! but
it is a huge problem they have & captive workers are not peculiar to Russia. You can read about their indiscriminate
management structure facilitating organised criminal involvement here, or some of their other Mafia activity here.
The children born in captivity are allowed to be born because they are used for Internet Pornography & are often
born with serious STDs like Hepetitas. I've encountered at least one former KGB agent in Mafia employ. My main
sources of information are captive women, an intelligence agency which demands to remain nameless, and brainless
Mafia employees, in that order. Full story here:
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