My Experience Always Keep An Eye On Your Domain Settings To Make Sure Your Website Work Properly.

Prasoon Arora

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When website is developed, it is equally important that domain name should be treated with care and all the settings which makes your website work properly should be updated.
There have been number of cases, when we experience, website is down, showing error pages, business emails are not working and links on website are not working to the correct page or destination.

To make your website work properly, there is not only the themes, plugins, but there are few settings playing as backbone for your website.

A records/ C name or known as IP addresses, redirects your domain to your webpage. You have to keep an eye on these records to make sure that your website works properly.
Issues : Website not getting displayed, or displaying different reults.

MX records, are responsible for your emails to work properly. Sometimes, we face issues in sending and receiving emails, one have to make sure that your MX records are pointing to your email service providers.
Issues : Sending/Receiving emails, in IOS, Outlook, thunderbird etc.

These all settings can be managed under your Domain sections and can be updated to the service providers to whom the name servers are pointing., DNS settings, you may also refer to your service providers to get the proper settings to make sure your website, business emails work properly.

For further details about your domain, you may refer to


It's Game Time!
I always do this every time when I register a new domain in my arsenal. Before I am going to use my own new domain, I usually change the nameservers of it to my own web hosting. By the way, GoDaddy is my domain service provider for all of the domains that I have in my arsenal, and I have no issues with them from the very beginning. Everything worked smoothly on my part, and until now I still love GoDaddy. Sometimes, the propagation of nameservers to my own web hosting server can take some time, and it's actually normal.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
The propagation of nameservers sometimes take time as DNS-Domain Name Servers takes upto 24 -72 hours to get propagated properly.In order to make sure for your propagation, you may also refer to whois information for your domain.
Please refer to for further details or simply type:

This page will provide you all information related to your domain from registrar to admin email of your domain.