Tutorial Amazon Underground- Getting Paid By Your Aps Being Used

Pooja Sharma

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Amazon have always being a brand name satisfying all, wherever they belongs to and whatever there are interests are.

Amazon Underground- launched recently on Jan 26, 2016 and rate as 4.5 stars provide the platform to shop apps, games, songs, books, TV shows and many more in the number of millions. Amazon Underground-provides you the Amazon Instant Video Player to stream Amazon Video movies and episodes.

With Amazon Underground - developers are being paid in regards of their app being used. For developers it would be revolutionary more by submitting their apps to Amazon Underground so that it can be further preferred by users on Android.

Amazon Underground is no doubt , going to be best monetization model for Android apps.

In any Mobile app stores, there are basically two types of monetization model -displaying ads, banners, videos, in app purchase referring to free subscription and other is listed as using apps as paid members by downloading the full version, limited edition and more.

Amazon Underground, is the platform where users can search their apps, and games as per their requirements and developers are paid for their apps when used by the users.
The best part is that Amazon Underground offers free games and no fee or paid subscription are being involved, that becomes one on the reason to prefer developers apps and developers are paid more by Amazon.

Steps to get the app :
  • Go to amazon.com/underground from your Android Device
  • You may enter the email address to receive download link

Amazon Underground for Developers :
  • Developers can earn more, with every minute spent in the app built by them.
  • Amazon offers free content to the users to get attracted more to use the developers apps.
  • Amazon underground focus more on creativity for better users experiences.
  • Developers need to select the checkbox to enable Amazon Underground and you can start earning more for your apps.
You may please consider the steps as mentioned below to start earning with Amazon Underground :
  1. Get your app ready for Amazon Underground. (developer.amazon.com/public/solutions/underground/docs/amazon-underground-eligibility-and-submission-checklists)
  2. Publish your app to Amazon Underground, make sure you have registered for a developer account.(Register here)
  3. Select Amazon Underground, and start making money from the first minute.
The reasons, why Amazon Underground should be preferred by Developers :

With Amazon Underground, you are being paid as long as users are accessing your apps, with no effects whether the apps are use as paid or free. The more your apps are used, more you earn.

Using apps for free, is preferred more than to those premium apps, as they attract more subscribers that may not sign up or subscribe to paid apps.

You may easily track your contribution to the Amazon apps and your earning in return.

Amazon, do not collect tax since apps published and developed in Amazon Underground are free to use.

Developers are not being paid on any ratio basis or contract, as users access the apps for free and amazon pays on the basis on apps being used every single minute.

What you are waiting for, If you are developer you may move a step ahead and can attract more subscribers to your apps,from being to the limited numbers of subscribers using your apps and get yourself listed as successful and most preferred developer.