My Experience Amazon's associate program

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Yellow Belt
Amazon is by far the largest, best known leading online retailer in the world today.

They are constantly investing huge amounts of money into further developing, optimizing and testing different selling concepts and techniques.

Millions of dollars had been invested into the site so far. And there's a good reason to.

Apart from owning more websites such as,, various online clothing, hardware and tool stores (and what not?), is the top merchandise mover and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon now. Almost anyone online has at least heard of amazon once.

They sell their own stuff, third party merchandise as well as let other individuals sell directly on the site. They have a successful affiliate program which is also to be credited for a lot of online exposure and advertising done by various people over the internet practically "for free". Sure, they get their commission and earn money, but they don't really take anything from amazon without giving back more. It's just a brilliant concept and believe it or not, amazon actually developed and pioneered online affiliate marketing.

What's your experience with the program? Mine has been very positive in the past.
Not open for further replies.