AMD Removes Pricing on 100 Series Opteron

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A recent review commented on the fact that AMD had removed the pricing of its 100 series Opteron processors and the producer's Web site confirmed the information. The processor model numbers are still there but the prices have been replaced by asterisks. Why has that happened?

Last December it was said that AMD had stopped production of socket 939 Opterons due to the fact that too many overclockers were buying them, but AMD denied it. Opteron parts are still going into the hands of overclockers, so AMD's action may be trying to put a brake on sales. Why
would overclockers be interested in buying these parts? Well, take a look at the prices below:

Dual core model 165 - $278
Single core Model 144 - $111

Athlon 64
Dual core 3800plus - $301
Single core 3200plus - $155


I think I will run to the computer store and by an Opteron :)
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