Tutorial An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Pooja Sharma

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Internet Marketing, We may have followed number of options available for marketing and promotions of your business. It is the process of using the Internet network services to promote your business. Internet Marketing, can be categorized in below mentioned categories :
  • Web Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
To utilize any thing it is equally important to collect all information that may directly or indirectly correlate with your business products marketing and promotions. Affiliate Marketing is well known process now a days and acts as revenue sharing program.

Affiliate marketing, works and results better with the understanding and good bonding between advertiser, publisher and customer, maintaining trust and relationships.

Any initial to the business is having the website. If you have business website or you are a blogger, affiliate marketing provides you a revenue mechanism. It is like using an automatic online marketing scheme, where ads are being placed. Webmasters further receives their commission as per the terms and conditions of the website promoting affiliate marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing Works ?

The image mentioned below explains clearly how affiliate marketing works :

Affiliate marketing is a simple process and is based on transparency. You just have to provide the links or ads on website and if any other user clicked on your links is redirected to the website where products are used. If users who clicked on the link provided by you buys any product gets paid.
All the track of links provided, followed, products purchased are maintained in separate database and works as fast as possible to maintain the trust between the advertisers and customers.

Affiliate Marketing Process :

Working for affiliate marketing, is a 5 steps process :
Signs Up - You need to have an account on the website on behalf of those you would be advertising.
Advertise marketing website products : Provide ads or links that redirect to marketing website promoting products.
Customers Interaction : The revenue to your efforts, all depends on customer preferring to your links as more they click and purchased, track is being maintained and your goodwill reflects in your efforts made.
Your money : You are appreciated, in terms of getting paid from affiliated website promoting and selling products.

Affiliate Marketing Success :

Internet marketing is the medium which gives success , by the mean of your efforts made, your skills, your thinking and your ways to utilize the available resources.

Affiliate marketing have number of factors that have added tremendous growth with increased in its success.

Heavy designed websites , including varieties of products can bb required by users. Affiliate marketing website never say no, to customers in any respects whatever they are lookiing for.

Campaigns, arranged by these website in terms of promotional offers, new launch, discounts add counts to products sales.

Search in regards of products listed, their quality , market value and requirements and other, are considered to be as effective as working of website.

Themes and way of representation of products, well arranged and sequentially search available with the design in website, is what that sound more comfortable to use. It is said that any affiliate marketing website should be user friendly.

Content And Email, are equally responsible to the growth of any affiliated program. It is important what contents you are using for promoting your website and what type of emails you are sending to the customers, so that they are reported as scam or are listed as useful for the needs.

Examples of Affiliated program website :

Clickbank, Commission Junction, ShareASale, LinkShare, Amazon, Ebay, Snapdeal, Flipkart are some top listed brands because of their long term growth and success in Internet Marketing.