And all is quite...

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I've been a member for only a few days but apart from the replies CrazyTech gave me regarding an error in this forum it's been awfull quite...
I think this forum has a lot of potential, regarding the good boards and topics that have been setup, but I think you all agree that something has to happen.
I can imagine it's very hard to get a community going but there are 15 members allready at this point.
15 bright minds with 15 opinions should be able to keep a bit of life in here, right?

So I'll throw in a new discussion topic right here: "How to get this forum going."
Maybe we can start discussing some promotion suggestions?

I'll start by giving a reply at the request of CrazyTech on the Simple Machines forum to bumpit up the list again, maybe it'll get more attention then, but I hope we can welcome new members to a more lively forum soon....


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Suggestions and ideas are definitely welcome on how to improve the place. I'm working on a few small ideas at the moment, but I'd like to have any input in order to make this place the best that it can be.
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