Help Me/Question Animations, Good Or Bad For The Readers?


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Good day all,
Animations, transitions or a part of the website that gets animated is really good news or the new problem for the eye? Because as we all know animation and transition means some sort of eye distraction. And if it doesn't have a meaning, it would just distract and interrupt you from reading for nothing. Some websites features animation, while others just let the website be more static visually, outside of videos, obviously and prefer to leave the user's view clear. What is the approach for your website and does it depends if your website feature a lot of text or it is more related to an app?

Zirkon Kalti

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In my opinion, animations or flash content are not good because they distract the users away from browsing other important parts of your site. If you want to include animations/flash content, make sure it is not too distractive. Using animations may help you to get some traffic but you will find that you are losing conversion rate. It is best to use static content as they offer the best performance for your site.


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As a reader myself, it's kinda annoying for me to view animations within the content. @Zirkon Kalti was right about it. Even for me, it is disturbing and distracting when animations are present within the content. Just like what I have remembered back then. I have attended a business seminar, and I notice that his slides were mostly animations. But in the end, we are not paying attention mostly to the speaker, but on the animation itself. The same thing goes in content. Simple images and an embedded video will do, no need for the animated and flash stuff that can distract your readers.


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I knew some flash pictures that are nice but some are too distracting. They even becomes annoying. If the GIF pic or ad is real and not animated, it's fine with me. But if animated, it is distracting to the eyes and I will skip on it quickly.


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Good Morning to you too and if you ask me I find all animation stuff distracting to the point that I sometime do nothing but waste my time looking at them. I think it's okay for children to enjoy animation etc but not where serious or even not so serious is discussion is going on.
For me, animations are good and can add to the design or beautification of the site. But too much animation is really a problem too, the purpose is good but the effect is bad. It can really be a distraction especially to those who have sensitive eyes. In summary, I think it really depends on the reader.


I used to have some animations but I have gotten quite a few complaints from my visitors, therefore, I have removed all of them. The simpler the better seems to be the mantra that keeps my visitors happy. Slideshows are the ones I've got the most complaints about, specially if they were shifting too quickly.

suzzi winget

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much of everything is not good...if you want to make your website more friendly and something different then you can use it but not so many...use in limited...
but this is also fact that not everybody likes animations as some feels it irritating and some get annoyed.. the most important thing to increase traffic is to make your content worth reading..


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OP - you should show us an example of a good animation and a bad animation.

Your post asks a good question, but it doesn't tell us anything that we don't already know nor does it show us anything new.

It would be a good post if you had some examples.

Doominic anderson

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Animation gives a awesome look to your website and it is used in several websites,but while using this you have to focus that does't use so much which distract the readers from the contents of your website.

Liking it is totally depends on user's thinking or user's choice,if you are not able to use it perfectly or in a relevant manner it creates bad impression on readers.


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The objective of anything on your site is to make the person that is visiting your site come back again. If you have to many animations the person might get distracted from your content and not feel the need to come to your site again.
Most people surf the web in search of answers to a question so if it doesn't help your site and the person find the answer don't use it.


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Whenever I visit websites, my main purpose is to read contents or view images or videos, whichever is applicable. If my purpose is to read, I do not like seeing animations on the side or anywhere where I can see them from my peripheral view. I agree with most of you that it gets really distracting.

Manish Mishra

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Animations, flash images are good to use but it depends on the situation. If you writing a brief note or summarize a story and use a flash between the content, it gives a poor sense of intellectuals. flash images and animations should be use but for a certain place where they fits the requirements.

Prasoon Arora

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Animation is the best to be used to view the content of the website or the motive of business in very short interval ,in a way that they have much more impact on the visitors as animations are easy to recognize and can be remembered for long for the fact that visual knowledge remains for long.