Anyone Here Had Problems With Your ISP?

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What sort of problems have you encountered with your Internet Service Provider?

When I bought my first computer I went with AOL. How could I possibly go wrong with such a big, well known company?

Well, things did go wrong. I couldn't access some sites for example. They did have a helpline, so I thought that I could easily resolve the issues with a phone call.

What I found though is that when I phoned Ireland they seemed incapable of switching off from their script. :mad:

In other words, if (no, WHEN) the problem reoccurred, I'd say that this has happened before, this is what you told me to do to fix it, but it's come back, so why has it come back, how do I stop it happening again etc....? But, I'd get no sense out of them. They'd simply take me through the whole procedure again, which fixed the problem for a short while, then it returned.

It was like talking to an automaton that couldn't/wouldn't deviate from what was written in front of them.

And when, eventually, I told them I was cancelling with them, someone at long last said that they could cure the problem with a free download to prevent it happening ever again.

By that stage I'd had enough and cancelled.

Has anyone else here had problems with their ISP?


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I started with AOL as well but that was a loooooong time ago. I use Tiscali at the moment, I have used BT before moving to Tiscali, to be frank, non of them have satisfactory support, at least AOL' support is in Ireland not some exotic location where you have problem understanding their accent.

The all work from script, if you problem is not on the script they don't have a solution or know what to do next.
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