Help Me/Question Anyone owns directories here?

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I was wondering, does anyone here own a directory?
Be it specific or general ones.
Sometimes we find a lot of directory owners in forums like this one; it would be a great opportunity to share this information and we could all exchange tips on how to build a successful directory. If you have any thoughts on this, I would be very pleased to hear them as I am considering building a niche specific directory.

Thank you


Well, I own 2 directories.
One business (local) and one general.


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I have just implemented a links directory using an oscommerce links contribution. It took me about 2 minuites to get it to work and matches the design of my website.

I would like wholesalers, gift shops, furniture shops and garden centres to add links but have added a general category, if anyone here wants to add an unrelated site you can put it in there.

If anyone wants to add a link go here:

yosernuevo - Free 2.0 directory of websites, blogs, feeds and podcasts :)
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