Anyone use social network site Facebook?

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Facebook Vs Myspace


I use myspace socially (in the little me-time I get!) I also set up a facebook page for C.P as we find it much better for setting up groups/discussions etc

In fairness there's not a lot between the two, when discussing this with people I tend to find that some people have put alot of work into their myspace page therefore dislike the thought of doing likewise with facebook....newer entrants to the 'social network' scene like facebook as it's easier for newbs to find their feet.


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Sure, I have used Facebook since they launched. I don't use it much though. I prefer Myspace. But more than Myspace, I think is a lot of fun.


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I like Myspace. It is great place to keep in contact with my family & friends. It attracts 230,000 new users per day.
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