Apple to Launch a Competitor for Photoshop?

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As we previously informed, Apple is preparing a new event and although some believe a new hardware device will be announced, there are rumors saying that the Cupertino company will actually launch a software product.

Although Apple Insider believed that the company would announce an updated configuration for Power Macs and Power Books, considers that Apple will launch today a competitor for Adobe Photoshop.

Considering that Apple's event takes place before the PhotoPlus Expo, this might be somehow true, especially since the Cupertino labs are working hard on a new version of iPhoto.

ThinkSecret speculated ever since August this year that Apple will introduce a graphics program, Apple Photo Pro, which will be aimed at amateur and professional photographers rather than at graphic designers.

Anyway, graphics seems to be an increasingly interesting field for large software companies, Microsoft currently working on Acrylic and also readying a slide show application, called Microsoft Max.

However, since the Apple event is close, the mystery will soon be unraveled.

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