Help Me/Question Architecture Of Database?


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Database is divided into 3 levels namely external level also known as user view level, conceptual level, internal level or physical level.

Pooja Sharma

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Architecture of the Database is designed to depict the functionality of the Database. External level or User View Level shows how data is viewed by an individual user. Conceptual Level shows how data is viewed by a community of users and the Internal Level shows how data is physically stored. They are based on schemas.


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Basically data base are designed using three tier architecture. Each have its own functionality like physical level deals with query processing on the data and storage of the data. Conceptual level deals with software program which is responsible for managing the data and provide interface between user and data base. And upper layer i.e. User view layer provide functionality of operation performed on the data by various users.

saurabh mathur

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DBMS architecture is expanded into 3-tier system such as:-

  1. 1-tier- It is when the database is directly available to the user for using it to store the data.
  2. 2-tier- It uses application layer between the user and DBMS which is responsible for communicating the user request.
  3. 3-tier- It uses additional presentation layer along with 2 tier structure and performs various operations in it

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