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Would you class yourself as an expert computer user?

How long have you been working with computers?



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As a computer users, I think you can never be an expert (Bill Gates was famouse or infamouse for crashing Windows 98 or XP when demonstrating some of the functons) but you can be and advanced user. I am an advance user, been using computer for ..... can quite remeber but it almost since PC hit the market.

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Absolutely not. Anything I know now I pick up from my pc magazine, friends and family and also from the internet itself. I'd like to learn more if I could. I wouldn't know where to start.


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I don't know about expert, probably not with hardware so much; I don't even remembers when I began this stuff :p


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If you do ever have an issue with your computer and are able to get online, you know where to visit :)


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an expert? more that that, I'm a guru
been working with PCs >15 years

but I have an unfair advantage:

I was working/playing on (big) computers since I was 1 year old
(I used to go to work with my father, he used to build/service computers in the 60's and 70's)

I went to a university open day in the 70's (aged about 10) and knew more than the IT lecturer :roll:


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Being using Windows since the back end of 3.11 and linux since RedHat 6 (released April 1999)

I dont consider myself expert, to be expert you must know EVERYTHING about a subject. I doubt anyone knows EVERY operating system, protocol, technology etc etc.

Collectively everyone knows everything which is why forums are ace.



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I don't consider myself an expert in any form or fashion.
The only thing I am expert on is myself. :(
Computers are interesting, but my usage is somewhat limited and with many things I need to seek help from the real experts.


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Wouldn't call myself an expert in any area because of the changing trends but ive done my fair share of work and play.

Im Currently A+, N+ and Security + certified and was studying for MCSE but decided against it because there are much more rewarding ventures online to chase (financially)

Norfolk isn't the best place to chase a career in computers and i didn't want to relocate.

So i find myself self employed Technician teaching myself webdesign, SEO and web marketing.

Oh and i also do a bit of building work too, bit of a difference but i enjoy the lads banter, keeps me fit and the moneys good lol.
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