Asking Advice Are You Religious Or Spiritual?


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Both religion and spirituality are of the same kind, but they have some fundamental difference. I am religious because I am born in a family that belongs to a specific religion. Religion is related to my body and mind, whereas spirituality is related to my soul. Religion is something imposed on me; but spirituality is natural. Religion is everywhere; but spirituality I can find only in the sacred temple within my Self.

What do you think about religion and spirituality? Are you religious or spiritual?


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I am religious, I was born into a family also that is religious, but religion is by choice, in the end. You can pretend you belong to a religion when you don't even have faith in it and I think that is what a lot of people are doing today, pretending. Spiritualism, I don't really understand what you mean by it, in my country spiritualism has to do with black magic and all that is supernatural and wrong, which I actually believe and know is real.


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I am religious. Although sometimes I have a lot of questions. Many of us believe and holding trying to persevere and believe. It is just a little bit hard since there are a lot of things that will encourage you to do wrong things and wrong decisions which makes you commit a sin, but even though I just try to follow what is on the Bible.


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I think the concept of religious is something different from spiritual. I would agree that spiritual is quite natural while religious depends on what kind of religion you follow since there are different beliefs and practices involved.


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Thanks for the insight. I am not a big fan of any particular religion, all the religions basically emphasize on the importance of being a good human being. Moreover, you can see nowadays religion is being used a big source of earning money, religion is a business now. You are right that religion is somewhat imposed on us. There is no particular sign that says a person belongs to a specific religion. The message is well explained in the bollywood movie “PK” in which Amir Khan played the lead role. I believe a person with high sense of spirituality is dearer to Almighty than a religious person.

niranjan kumar

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I am religious but i believe in spiritual world . My mind and body is religious because i born in religious family i see many religious environments around me from birth but when i try meditation for some years i feel some thing extra from my soul i feel spiritual world .In general religious and spiritual is looks same but we think about own existence its totally different.