Area-51 In-Game Screenshots

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Yellow Belt
Six brand new, entirely exclusive and one hundred percent in-game Area 51 shots available

Featuring the vocal talents of David "Mulder" Duchovny and Marilyn "what a strange looking woman" Manson, and boasting the monster-creating talents of Stan Winston Studios, the time and budget is really starting to pay off for Area 51, which is shaping up to be one of the best shooting games this year.

Which is why we're bringing you a further six actual in-game shots (not the HUD-free, 'posed' images normally sent out), showing just how well this game is coming along.

With the ever-creepier environments, loud gun noises and flash bangs, plus a new and unnerving blurred vision effect that kicks in whenever you get shot, this game looks better and better with each passing month. When it finally gets launched it's going to be amazing, no question.
The link for the screenshots is:

Its awesome looking. I hope its good. I dont believe its going to be as good as Halo 2.
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