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I have a website on shared hosting. I know about VPS, Cloud and Dedicated hosting. Recently, I heard about hosting. Can anyone explain me what is hosting exactly? How it is different from shared, dedicated, VPS hosting.


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I think you are asking about Windows based Web Hosting and they are same just like Linux Web Hosting. Try on shared Hosting first, see how it works, or move to a VPS if required.
The cost is high compared to the Linux Web Hosting.


Well-Known Member hosting is a term that means it provides compatibility with websites created with It is always based on windows server os, that is why it costs a bit higher than linux, because of licence of windows server


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What are their customer service/ technical support hours by method? If online chat is available 24/7, what are their phone support hours?


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Well the reliability is very important to compete and maintain customer relations. As far as services are concerned,well it truly depends on the companies one second frequencies to their customers which is also an important agenda/priority...

saurabh mathur

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ASP.NET hosting just refers to windows web hosting which, is been designed by the Microsoft and usually carries the license for its cost preventive. The most of application used today are based upon window server only. This hosting service allows integrating easily and efficiently. Although, the services are expensive and brings along with extra money, they are still most renewed and sophisticated. It is basically considered to be the ideal of ASP.NET application that allows us to make dynamic website and also makes the services friendlier. Even at higher server load the service of window web hosting remains stable and quite.