Baby mauled to death in dog attack is named

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A three month old baby boy has died after being viciously attacked by two family dogs while in the care of his grandmother.

Police said that the exact cause of death had yet to be confirmed but it is suspected that Jaden Mack was killed during an attack by the grandmother's Staffordshire Bull terrier and Jack Russell.

It is understood that the baby was asleep in a basket on the ground floor of the house when the dogs attacked.

Neighbours reported hearing screams of panic as Denise Wilson, the baby's grandmother ran into the street crying for help.

Friends rushed into the house to help and were forced to drag the dogs off the child who was bleeding severely from the attack.

The tragedy occurred shortly after midnight on Saturday morning in the town of Ystrad Mynach, 12 miles north of Cardiff. The child was taken Prince Charles hospital in Merthyr Tydfil where he was later pronounced dead.

The grandmother was also taken to hospital where she was treated for shock but was later released. Police confirmed that they intend to question the grandmother.

Both dogs have now been destroyed.

Alexandra and Christopher Mack, the boy's parents, went out on Friday night and took the child to stay with his grandmother, who is the owner of the two dogs.

Neighbours in the town's commercial street where the attack occurred confirmed that it was a regular arrangement and that the baby had stayed at the house several times before.

Heather Organ, 47, said she was watching television when she heard "screaming". "It seemed as if somebody was very distressed or being attacked," she said. "I came out and saw my neighbour and he knocked on the door and asked her to open the door.

"When the door opened, two dogs ran out. At the time I didn't realise what had happened so, rather than let the dogs get hurt, I picked up the Jack Russell and ushered the other one (Staffordshire bull terrier) off the road.

"The grandmother came out and she was screaming 'The baby is dead. He is dead' There was no blood on the Jack Russell but with the black one (Staffordshire bull terrier) I couldn't tell.

"When I entered the room the baby was obviously dead. The baby had a severe injury to his neck and with that the police arrived."
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