BAD fragmentation.

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This is nutz. I have never seen a 100% fragmented disk before.

This piccie is from our windows 2000 server with 2 sets of mirrored disks (4 disks in total).
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its common, 100% fragmented disk is a disk that is broken :)
Well the disk isnt broken. Since its a mirrored set its actually 2 identical disks, windows just reports it as a single device.

I believe the cause of the fragmentation is Sage Line 50 using propriety data access. I am just looking at everything on the disk and this is whats there.

WWT_Server C Volume
Windows Server 2000
Exchange Server 2000
ISA Server 2000
EFS (Email forwarding system - pop collection to exchange)
Sage Accounting Data
Users roaming profiles.

All of the other info, users home drives, personal folders, shared folders, etc... is all on the D volume.

The thing I find most interesting about the piccie above is that the drive is only 61% full but the entire damned thing is fragmented.


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Change your disk now , while you have the option of doing it ! You make wake up in a day that you lost all your data and work because of the HDD. It happened to me once...


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Like I said its not one disk. Drive C (the one that is fragmented) is a mirrored raid array of 2 disks. I can replace each disk in turn and let the mirror get restored before replacing the second disk but the fragmentation would be on the new disks too.

This is the disk config from the server. 2 sets of software mirrored disks - one disk from each set is on primary ide and the other on secondary to improve throughput.

I have defragmented it again after removing some of the files showing as fragmented in the report. (see below - latest report after overnight defrag)
Volume SYSTEM (C:):
Volume size = 38,138 MB
Cluster size = 4 KB
Used space = 20,907 MB
Free space = 17,231 MB
Percent free space = 45 %

Volume fragmentation
Total fragmentation = 19 %
File fragmentation = 39 %
Free space fragmentation = 0 %

File fragmentation
Total files = 69,454
Average file size = 452 KB
Total fragmented files = 50
Total excess fragments = 8,517
Average fragments per file = 1.12

Pagefile fragmentation
Pagefile size = 0 bytes
Total fragments = 0

Directory fragmentation
Total directories = 6,132
Fragmented directories = 1
Excess directory fragments = 2

Master File Table (MFT) fragmentation
Total MFT size = 136 MB
MFT record count = 75,869
Percent MFT in use = 54 %
Total MFT fragments = 2

Fragments File Size Files that did not defragment
3 51,110 KB \WINNT\Driver Cache\i386\
2 1,030 KB \WINNT\Debug\NtFrs_0005.log
6 69,896 KB \Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{09C905D6-2091-4D1A-9C4C-3D13DE835FDB}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Inbox.dbx
2 184 KB \System Volume Information\catalog.wci\
2 1 KB \WINNT\system32\dns\129.168.0.x Subnet.dns
2 1 KB \System Volume Information\catalog.wci\00010001.dir
3 152 KB \System Volume Information\catalog.wci\
113 1 KB \WINNT\system32\config\software.LOG
25 1 KB \WINNT\system32\config\default.LOG
2 52 KB \WINNT\system32\config\SECURITY
3 1 KB \WINNT\system32\config\SECURITY.LOG
2 596 bytes \WINNT\Debug\PASSWD.LOG
10 609 KB \WINNT\SchCache\wwtrdc.WWTE.UK
3 359 KB \WINNT\ShellIconCache
10 1 KB \Documents and Settings\Administrator\ntuser.dat.LOG
2 1,000 KB \WINNT\system32\dhcp\backup\Jet\new\j500169E.log
2 916 KB \Inetpub\catalog.wci\
2 3,715 KB \Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\ISALogs\WEBEXTD20070830.log
2 1,341 KB \Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\ISALogs\WEBEXTD20070828.log

To be fair the defrag report dosent look to bad.
I noticed that the cluster size is set at 4k and would love to increase this to 128k.
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