Tutorial Bad link in google’s eyes?


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Hi All,

Some SEO practitioners have run away from the practice due to lack of knowledge about bad backlinks.

I want to share few important points for Bloggers and webmasters take care for their blogging and business tasks just to avoid “bad link" in Google’s eyes?

As long as you keep away from these “bad” links, you’ll sure remain in good rank:

1. Links from a Low-Authority or uncertain domain

2. Links connected to a source inappropriate to its content

3. Links added many times on the domain

4. Reciprocal exchange is also not acceptable

5. The Link is embedded in distrustfully keyword coordinated anchor text

6. The Link is inaccessible from any meaningful content

7. The Links that are a part of link wheel or link pyramid

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Thanks for these tips. It is so true, gone are the days when link building was all about spamming your link everywhere no matter the authority, context or reputation of the site linking to you. Now, webmasters are actually working hard to disavow or remove bad backlinks from unreputed or spammy websites to avoid getting punished by Google updates.

In today's SEO world, where you get your backlinks from matters as much as how many backlinks you got. Webmasters should try to get backlinks from reputed sites and should focus on getting contextual links with good keyword anchor texts. Focus should not be on getting a backlink to the homepage alone but deep linking by building contextual backlinks which links to specific inner pages which need to be ranked on Google.

Failing to take care of your link building and link management can cost a website its bulk of search engine traffic due to penalties imposed by Google.

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I think most of the cheap links for sale at SEO Clerks will decrease your search engine ranking. If you want to buy paid links, make sure you choose those link packages that are priced at the correct price and not at super cheap price such as $1, $5 and etc.


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So true, and besides the above excellent tips I would say that other big mistake is adding dozens of links in the front page of a website, trying to get the most from back linking.

Some webmasters are carefully when it comes to avoid linking websites on a bad neighborhood or falling into any questionable practice, but adding too much links in a sole page may not only look spammy for the visitors' eye, but affect your ranking from Google's eyes.


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Bad links for Google can be anything that do not comply to the rules of webmaster guidelines. Some bad links are:

1. Link coming from duplicate content
2. Link coming from irrelevant webpages
3. Link coming from link farms
4. Link coming from thin or spam content


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thanx for share these suggestion i think it is really helpful for me beacause i am a new member in IT field , i have no academic degree related wit IT so my knowledge is less in this field