BBC to hear open source concerns

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Calls to make the BBC's on demand TV service work on all computer operating systems are to get a fresh look.
The BBC Trust has offered to meet with open source advocates who argue that the corporation has a duty to make the download service platform agnostic.

When the BBC iPlayer, as it is known, launches on 27 July it will only work with PCs running Microsoft Windows XP.

But the BBC has said it does intend to allow access to its content from computers with other operating systems.

Speaking at the launch of the service, director of Future Media and Technology at the BBC Ashley Highfield said: "I am fundamentally committed to universality, to getting the BBC iPlayer to everyone in the UK who pays their licence fee."

"This is the approach we have always taken but we have always started with the platform that reaches the most number of people and then rolled it out from there."

A version for Apple Macs could be available in autumn, with versions for Window's Vista and mobile devices to follow, he said.

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