My 2 Cents Be Smart Worker Rather Than Being A Hard Worker.

Pooja Sharma

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It is known that hard work pays you always but this is the time for smart work. Smart work will save your time. Try do decentralize your work to keep it easy for you. Try to make use of advanced technologies but never go for short cuts. Use more machinery rather than more man power as it will save your time and money

Zirkon Kalti

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One example is computers, which has replaced human for performing repetitive tasks. Computers are able to perform calculations more precisely compared to human. Many businesses are now equipped with computers so having basic knowledge on how to operate a computer is important in order to get hired.


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Yes with hard work smart work is also very important. Smart work means here to do work with proper planning, strategies . This will save your time and money both and also minimize the risk factors and increase your productivity.