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Becoming Better SEO Scientists
SEO is nothing but science in different ways. Though there are many applications used in marketing, SEO part is so important where most of the testing take place. Now we are going to show you how to make better science to get better results. We can’t see dark matter but we see its effects. In the same way we can only see the effects of search engines but can’t see what happens inside the search engine such as Google or Bing.
Our aim is to look into the effects outside of a search engine and to predict the effects happening inside of it which helps us to reach our customers. But the problem is many testing are failing now-a-days because they are not according to the proven scientific principles.

Basic data science in 10 Steps

Let’s see the basic things a scientist has to do to give better data.
First of all, you need to begin with a hypothesis i.e., the question you want to solve. Let it be specific and a good one.

Pick the variable that you are going to test. The variable is the thing which changes something out in the world we look into.

  • Sample Group:
Sample group is that from where we collect data. It should be randomized. It is just a small circle inside large circle. Inspite of being small you can’t get all the information you need. So you need to be precise whether it is large enough.

We want to control our sample group. You may have another sample group in which you don’t do any manipulation. So that if there is a change in sample group, you won’t see it in control group.

You need to set how long it have to be. For something like sharing in Google+ you just need a day but for looking at long effects you need several years.

Keep your lab clean as much as possible. Clean everything that makes your results dirty though it may be tough in testing.

Out of all the things pick the one you need to manipulate. So that your results will be so accurate. If you manipulate more variables at a time, the inner effects are going to dirt your results.

Have statistical validity while analysing results. Hire someone who has trained in statistics as they can look at your evaluation, correlation. It’s
Important to have significance in statistics.

Make transparent to the world whatever you do. Share your data, results, methods which is one of the most important parts of scientific process.

After finishing the test, we have got the results. But someone may do the same test and get the same results or they may get different results. Even someone may falsify you that you was wrong. Don’t get disappointed, you have succeeded that finally you found the truth.

Just go on with your next test with better abilities.

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