Tutorial Beginner Guide To Managed Web Hosting

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Managed hosting means the hosting server is being supervised by the technical team at the web hosting company. There are various types of managed hosting plans including VPS and dedicated hosting plans. Shared hosting plans are also counted as managed plans as the providers help you monitor the server. With VPS and dedicated hosting, there are unmanaged plans where you can get root access but you must have a team to manage the server. If you don't have expertise in this field, you should subscribe to a managed web hosting plan instead.

You Get Around the Clock Support from the Technical Team
The team at the web hosting company will constantly monitor the server for possible failures. They regularly run virus canning on the server to detect virus or malware that might have hack into the system. They will help you set up the firewall and carry out spam filtering on the server. Many managed web hosting services also include backup services so that you can easily recover the data in the event of a server crash. The provider will also carry out server configuration and maintenance to make sure the server run smoothly at all times. The benefit of managed hosting is that you can get support for 24/7/365.

Help You to Save Cost and Time
The advantage of managed web hosting services is that it can help you to save time and capital costs. You don't have to spend time to understand how to use the server hardware and equipments. Buying your own server equipments can be very expensive because you not only have to take into account the cost of buying the server equipments but also the cost of hiring people to monitor it.. With a VPS or dedicated plans, you only have to pay for a monthly flat fee. This allows you to easily predict the cost and make budget accordingly. If you buy the servers yourself, there are a lot of unpredictable cost you have to pay because issue can arise from the server at anytime. It is very expensive to hire a team of technical staff to be available for 24/7 to monitor the server.

Good Uptime
Good managed web hosting companies will provide high update of 99.999. When choosing a managed VPS or dedicated hosting provider, it is important to check the guarantee. Normally, you will see the providers listing the guaranteed uptime as 99.999 or 99.9. The lack of the two 99 at the back means that you will experience a delay in the uptime of about 86 seconds every day. It is important that read the customer reviews and check the SLA to confirm about the uptime. If the uptime is slow, there is no point getting a managed VPS/dedicated plan.

In managed hosting, the provider will be accessing the equipments via SSH and RDP. You can ask them for the name of the staff responsible for accessing your server. You can also ask them how they store the password for the server and whether they change the password regularly. Every single access point to the server environment must be logged with passwords. The web hosting provider will provide detailed logging of the threats and the actions they take to fix it. Many managed hosting plans include free SSL certificates to prevent hackers from stealing identity information from your e-commerce store.

Customer Support
It is important that you find a managed hosting provider that offers around the clock support for 24 hours a day and 7 day a week. Ideally, you should find one that offer telephone, email and live chat support. Some cheaper managed hosting plans only provide support through emails.

How Much It Cost to Purchase a Managed Web Hosting Plan
Managed web hosting is more expensive than the unmanaged hosting because of the technical support you get. But you get value for your money because it will be cheaper than buying the servers yourself. On average, a managed hosting plan will cost about $30 to a few hundred dollars per month depending on resources such as disk space, and bandwidth.

Who Should Buy a Managed Web Hosting Plan
Managed hosting is suitable for you if your website suffers from downtime or slow performance because of the lack of resources in your current shared hosting plans. Managed VPS and dedicated plans are suitable for all kinds of websites including e-commerce sites, Saas, mobile app, online games and websites that use a lot of multimedia.


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