Tutorial Benefit Of Database Management System

Pooja Sharma

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The benefit of database management system are as mentioned below :
  1. The amount of data redundancy in stored data can be reduce.
  2. No more data in database management is in consistencies.
  3. Stored data can be shared by a single or multiple users using database management system.
  4. Security of data can be simply implemented.
  5. Data independence can be achieved.
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Prasoon Arora

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Database management not only helps you to just store the data but also helps you in avoiding duplication. The database also ensure that the data available is easily accessible to other users. The storage is done in sequential pattern in a way that even new users can detect the data as per their requirements.

Swati Mishra

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Database management system is use for multi purpose that is not only the data will stored but also insert, delete, update data and it is also secure. Data redundancy is not allowed here.


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Database management system provide great fault tolerant against data loss. Because data in the database does not stored in the single disk. It stored in the multiple disk by using mirroring technology. If one disk is crashed then data can retrieve from another disk.