My 2 Cents Benefits Of Dbms.

steve taylor

White Belt
Benefits of DBMS are as follows:-
  1. The amount of data redundancy in stored data can be reduced.
  2. No more data inconsistencies.
  3. Data integrity are be maintained. Data integrity refers to the problem of ensuring that database contains only accurate data.
  4. Security of data can be simply implemented
  5. Standards can be set and followed.
  6. Data independence can be achieved.
  7. Stored data can be shared by a single or multiple users.

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
DBMS has a lot of advantage. It makes a programming more easier and it happen to let the users to get involved. If a website has no interference with the other party it is just one way communication. The concept of database let the users involved within a program and it also helps to store data they have enter for us to store and retrieve them depends on the requirements.


Content Writer
Other main advantage of DBMS is Client server architecture that whole data is present on the server and can be used by more than one person simultaneously by connecting to server through different clients.