Help Me/Question Benefits Of Interlinking .

steve taylor

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Internal links are links that are used for connect one page of a website to a another page of the same website that is commonly used in main navigation of website.

Internal links are useful for three reasons :-

Interlinks allow users to navigate a website.
interlinks help to establish information hierarchy for the given website.
Interlinks help to spread link juice (ranking power) around the websites.
What is the benefits in SEO?

Manish Mishra

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Interlinking means linking your own web pages to one another. It is like you are spreading link juice among the different pages. This is the best on-page seo practice and every SE's love it. It also encourage SE's to prioritize the pages. This way you are able to keep the bots engage within your web pages and let them move every single pages of your website.


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Internal linking is use for link a webpage to another webpage, it is used in on site structure. You can make internal linking with your own site.
Internal linking is use in two way first one is Do-follow another one is No- follow.
Both types of links are important for your website.

niranjan kumar

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A lot of benefits of interlinking in webpages one to another, such as they pass link juice form one page to another page. Due to interlinking of webpage is done by Do-follow links, and everyone know Do-follow link always pass link juice . They are also help in easily navigation of your website.

Swati Mishra

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Internking is the process that you says your websites pages are good and which are important you linked them with other pages. It is just to let the search engines aware about the good pages available on your websites and also how they relate to each other.


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If you have been in blogging race for for a while, so you must have to know how important is to interlink your blog posts and pages for enhanced SEO outcome and can deliver a lot of traffic benefits too. One of the most excellent way to interlink your article/blogpost is by using related post plugin to automatically generate related post connected to your latest post, this procedure will save most of your valuable time. Secondly, you can manually interlink your latest blog post with other significant posts and pages within your blog.


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You also get to use keyword anchor text, which will help you to optimize for that keyword.