My 2 Cents Benefits Of Using Bootstrap For Your Web Projects


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It is no longer mandatory that you will have to use manual coding or a fully fledged web design tool to make compelling websites or apps. You can also make use of well developed frameworks for such needs and Bootstrap is one notable example of this. It is a mobile centric, responsive and front-end framework made of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It is better than any other frameworks. It does give you enough advantages when you want to evade starting your project from the scratch.

Top advantages of using Bootstrap
  • Ease of usage- Its ease of use ensures you deal with a low learning curve.
  • Grid- It is based on 12-column responsive grid. It can be used responsive or you may alter it toi suit your needs.
  • Base styles- Bootstrap has plenty of base styles for HTML elements including styles for typography, images and forms.
  • Extensive documentation- Bootstrap’s extensive documentation is of help to both new and seasoned users.
  • Pre-styled components-Its pre-styled components for nav bars and dropdowns can speed up web development process.
  • Integrated JavaScript components- Bootstrap has its JavaScript components which ensure you need not write scripts much.
  • Easy integration- This front end framework can be integrated with a number of other platforms and frameworks.
Using Bootstrap
You can either use the source code version of Boostrap or its precompiled version. The latter can be used in any project while the learning curve with source code version can be steeper. If you are sure of which version you want to use, installing Grunt is necessary. After node.js, you have to set up Grunt.

Extending functionality of Boostrap
Bootstrap does come with plenty of inbuilt features but there are lots of ways to extend its functionality as well. The plug-ins, extensions and components are aplenty. Examples include Fuel UX, Jasny Bootstrap, Bootstrap Image Gallery, Notifications, Bootstrap Lightbox, and Bootstrap Multiselect. In fact, there are more extensions you can use.

The themes and templates
Bootstrap has its inbuilt themes. But advanced users can always choose to make their own themes from the scratch. You can head to resources like BootstrapBay, Creative Market, ThemeForest, Cardeostrap and Bootstrap Zero for getting plenty of attractive templates and themes.

It may take a while for beginners to realize and harness full power of Bootstrap. However, once you grasp the basics of this framework, creative options are literally limitless.