My 2 Cents Best Criteria In Choosing An Affiliate Product To Promote


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Affiliate and internet marketing are now the next generation methods for us to make money online. It is considered as one of the best alternative ways for us to do business without the need of shelling out thousands of dollars. You may simply pick a product to promote, and earn a percentage of its sales.

How cool is that, huh?

But I would like to voice something out that most affiliate and internet marketers are having issues or problems about. They are having problems in picking the best products to promote, and they don't know which one is that. I would like to tell you that if you are having that kind of problem, you are not alone. Before we started affiliate and internet marketing, we are having the same kind of issue. I was having that issue when I started this scheme. I just simply pick some products to promote ignoring their sales stats, and I ended up having lesser results as expected.

It's the reason why I didn't do my homework on which products should I promote for good. As a result, I have wasted time on the products that aren't converting at all. Even if their sales pages are beautiful and professional, the customer experience really matters most. I realized that I need to take time in looking at the product sales stats first before promoting them for good.

Without further ado, I would like to share about the best criteria in choosing a product for you to promote to your customers like no other.

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1. The product must have uniqueness and creativity into the eyes of the customer.

One of the reasons that the product is selling very well to the market, is because of creativity and uniqueness to it. Customers are expecting that when they buy products, they see to it that the product is way different than the others in the market. You don't want to buy two brands with the same ingredients, taste and packaging, right? Of course not! Every product has different features, and must not be closely the same thing. This is an important criteria you should be looking at when picking an affiliate product.

2. The product should give tremendous high quality value to its customers

For me, I think this is another criteria that you should be looking on right now. Before picking the product, try to examine if it gives tremendous high quality value to its customers. In other words, the product itself is worth more than the original cost. To be honest, I really love products that over delivers to its customers, because they are giving you more than what you've been expecting. I would say that this is an important thing to know before promoting it.

3. The product must be on the top selling list

Another reason that you should be promoting the product is due that its included on the top selling list. Although it is okay and nothing wrong in choosing products that only generate decent or few sales up to date, but the best sellers are going to give you the results that you're expecting. I did tried that when I promote health products on the internet, and it's effective for me in promoting the best sellers first. I would likely say that this criteria is important before you're going to promote the affiliate product.

4. The product must have low refund rates

This is something that you should analyze carefully before starting to grab its affiliate link and promote. For me, products with low refund rates are good enough to promote because it means that it only has less issues and complaints from the customers themselves. It also means that the product with the high refund rates are not really recommended to promote, and you may understand why. This criteria is another important thing you should know.

5. The product must have real positive customer reviews

The reason why the affiliate product is recommended to promote due to its real customer reviews or testimonials. Here's my strong advice to you guys. When you dig in with the reviews or testimonials, don't just focus on those people who testified on the sales pages alone. You have to look around for some reviews in other sources that might help you decide whether its worth to promote the product or not.

Before I would end this article, let me share to you this video that can be an additional help for you to choose and promote an affiliate product.

Here's the video that I want you to watch:

Anyway, that's all for now. I hope you have learned something about this topic. Even for myself, it reminds me that I should be doing this every time I'm going to promote an affiliate product, and you should as well.​


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The best criteria according to me, is that collect the pros and cons of the product, check the review given by others and then promote.


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I certainly agree on what you've said @amultani. It is important that before choosing an affiliate product to promote to our target market, we should always consider the pros and cons of the product. We can simply identify its strengths, weakness, advantages and disadvantages that we should expect as promoters and to the customers as well. Not only that I just check the review from other customers, but to simply contact them and interview how the product is going well for them, and I usually pick those who rated five stars on that to make sure of everything that they've said once and for all.


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But don't you think, that if a particular product which have low refund rates and the other suggestions you have covered above, is already been promoted by other affiliates and ranked in top.
Those would be difficult to promote, right?
I promote Amazon and Clickbank product and choose the products like you have mention above,but I never got huge success.


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The product you are going to promote should contain the features that have not been seen somewhere else. Choose an eye-catching title when you write an article to promote it.


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Not having an effective keyword research process will stop you from finding out which are the most profitable markets and products to sell online in you niche. Besides a variety of keyword tools that give you a hand in generating hot niche keywords on the internet, you must also take into consideration the search engines, which help you with your affiliate marketing niche.