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I am using Zen cart presently, but the support system is poor from them, unlike wordpress has great support from members does anybody made shopping cart using free software? If yes can you tell name of the ecommerce software and your experience with them.
You can try shopify. if you're looking for an online store that you can connect to your website right? I think some other sites like Squarespace offer this feature. But I don't really understand your question.


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Prestashop is one of the good and open source shopping cart software with a decent amount of community add-ons and themes to change the design and look. They used to have good support and documentation in the past, I believe they still do a good job. If the purpose is a small scale online store, I would suggest considering Wordpress with WOOcommerce ecommerce frameworks. I think Wordpress is more user friendly compared to some other open-source shopping cart options especially if the store admin is not too tech savvy.


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Depends on how important for you scalability is. If you, in near future, are planning to have tens of thousands of products, with millions of visits every month look no further than Magento. However, for normal shopping cart product, my thinking coincides with Solmak. Go for Prestashop and if you want to keep it on Wordpress, Woocommerce is the way to go! :)


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I'll go with Prestashop as they had good themes and my store had 200 items only. It won't get more than 1000 hits per day even in future.
At the begining of site I used Drupal with Uberacart and their support, upgrade is nothing, later started to use Zen cart, but here the support is too worse,

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The following is a list of best free shopping carts you can use for your online e-commerce store:

1. Magento
Magento is an easy to use ecommerce software that allows you to manage multiple storefronts with just a single installation. Magento offers features such as set promotional prices, create coupons, bundle products in related stores, multilingual support, multiple currency, comprehensive reporting, and mobile friendly. It is optimized for the SEO as you have full control over the URL. The meta data for the categories and products can be configured separately. Magento is suitable for people who are good at coding. It does not include a built in security.

2. OsCommerce
OsCommerce is one of the oldest open source e-commerce software with contributions from an active community. Oscommerce is a full featured shopping cart that includes more than 7,000 free integration. It offers features such as a wide selection of credit card processors, indexed database, and handle ten thousands of products. You can install OSCommerce even if your hosting company does not have it pre-installed on the server. Just like Magento, it will make a good shopping cart solution if you are good in coding. You should buy your own security software as its built in security feature is weak.

3. Open Cart
Open Cart is an open source e-commerce store established in 2007. It features a user friendly administrative dashboard that is very easy to manage. There are more than 1,500 plugins for you to customize the plugin for your business needs. OpenCart's script is based on the Model-View-Controller. It is suitable for small stores. For a more fancy store, you will have to spend time to code it.

4. Agora Shopping Cart
The free version of Agora Shopping cart features free customizable templates, tax rates and other store management tools. Agora cart features shipping rate calculator, CMS file editor, active/inactive products add-on, and FedEX and UPS real time shipping add on.

5. WooCommerce
WooCommerce is a free to inistall shopping cart plugin that offers detailed tracking for customers' orders. Cutsomers will be able to review the past orders and receive updates on the progress of the delivery status. Unlike other free shopping carts, WooCommerce's POS is updated from time to time so you can be assured that it is secure to use. It also comes with a built in analytics. WooCommerce is a flexible shopping cart that features a fast one page checkout process.

6. Commerce.CGI
Commerce.CGI is the first full featured PERL shopping cart for Unix based servers. Commerce.CGI features email management, sales tax, shipping options, discounts calculations, and etc. The free version includes modifications contributed by other users which can be downloaded in zip or tar formats.

7. SimpleCart
SimpleCart is a HTML based shopping cart that can load faster compared to other shopping carts. SimpleCart supports various types of currencies. SimpleCart has poor security so you have to purchase a security software.

8. Loaded Commerce
Loaded Commerce is a shopping cart based on the CRE loaded program. It offers features such as content management, hundreds of templates, invoicing, making changes to customer information, orders. You must first sign up for a customer account before you can download the free version of Loaded Commerce.

9. PrestaShop
PrestaShop is an open source Wordpress shop plugin which you can download for free. PrestaShop plugin comes with a variety of add-ons and modules. Some add-ons are free while others charge a one time fee. There are more than 1,500 free templates including 500 premium templates in PrestaShop. The advantage of PrestaShop is the detailed stats reporting feature.


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I hope you got the answer, but still, my recommendation is Magneto.
Easy to use, good support, nice themes, editing options, best for E-commerce.

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If you are small business or startup business, I recommend you to use WooCommerce. It is cheap, simple and beautiful.
People can start Magento site free but need a big budget to develop and expand store effectively.


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I don't usually use shopping carts, I generally don't sell products anymore so I have no real need for them but if I were going to recommend one I wouldn't recommend a stand alone.

I think it depends on what you're selling but if you're going self-hosted, why not give the Wordpress plugin WooCommerce a try? It has modules for different payment processors and languages, plus extra plugins to extend it.

I've heard good things about oscommerce but it seems a bit old fashioned to me and old fashioned generally means glitchy and hard to use when it comes to scripts.

If you're not looking to self host, maybe use a store service like Etsy (depending, again, on what you're selling) or sellfy for digital media?

Dono Nguyen

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I read a new article that WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop is top 3 popular e-commerce platforms in 2015. The total share of 3 platforms is about 70% of e-commerce market share.


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This list a worth trying one. I guess, I will try one this and see for myself if I can reduce my expense.


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@skylimit I seen a lot of stores using magneto and built with beautiful themes. i cannot abe to say whether they built using free plugins and found everything in prestashop, except the one direct deposit to bank account.
@Missy Already working with Prestashop and satisfied with them, thanks for your concerns.
@Dono Nguyen
It's a small business on niche products usually sold to the local people. Anyway is is on lawn products. I don't want to use Wordpress as they were good for blogging.
Agora Shopping Cart. Try this. I am using it, it's quite ok.
Here is a define I copy at gg. You can read and chose if it fit your system.

AgoraCart is a customizable and secure open source ecommerce shopping cart that you can install on an existing website. With AgoraCart, you can expect the typical features such as customizable templates for setting-up your store, support for different product categories, options for different tax rates in addition to back-end store management tools. On the upscale side of ecommerce, AgoraCart is PA-DSS Complaint (PCI-DSS) and supports more than 10 payment gateways.
The free community edition (5.2.x) is supported only though online community forums. AgoraCart version 6.x Gold is available for $49.95 and offers storeowners additional license, features and support options.


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Good to hear about Agora cart, but considered to have Prestashop and what I find the interesting thing in Agora cart is checkout without registration.

Do you have any experience with them? looks like I need to pay $43 for more features.


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I have worked with magneto now working on woo commerce, wanna establish one with prestashop I am on the half way to my prestashop store. Some error occurred. How to remove default store at prestashop? It was in US I want to change it India and I m very confused about carrier. When I try to buy things it says "the product selection cannot be delivered by the available carrier please amend your cart". @bharat hope you can help me.

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You can try shopify. if you're looking for an online store that you can connect to your website right? I think some other sites like Squarespace offer this feature. But I don't really understand your question.
I wanted to do or try this on my blogs on BlogJob. I wonder how can I apply in Shopify. I never even thought that's possible. Thanks for suggesting this as I will try to check it how.

Prasoon Arora

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Few of the shopping cart that I would suggest, are mentioned below :

If you are fresher, and would like to add more and more to your website with less support, you can go for Drupal.

If you are professional, and you wish to try building the website with support , adding features like hiring developers and live chat at the same window, you can use OSCommerce.

Magento, no doubt, is the brand name in E-Commerce. If you are aware of the fact, we are the one who explore and make the things working, you can use Magento. Magento can make the website more
professional, only if you are experienced and coding can add the professionalism to innovation.

Wordpress, with lots of themes and plugins, work on permalinks, do provide the E commerce platform asWooCommerce, WordPress eCommerce and Jigoshop.

Experiencing Wordpress, its sometimes get frustrating, as themes and plugins can cause your website a lot, sometimes blank page, Unknown host, and more. What I have used and build mywebsite, was using Magento.If I would suppose to build the website, I would no doubt choose the Magento.