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I have an account both in Upwork and Freelancer. I never got a work in Freelancer, but I got some clients in Upwork then. I just stopped for a while from Upwork. But if ever I decide to go back to freelancing, I prefer Upwork.


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I am a member of Freelance, Elance and Guru and have got some content writing jobs through them. Though I am not much active in these sites nowadays, Freelancer and Guru still send me notifications. I have not tried Upwork because I was not aware of it earlier.


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As others have already said, while there are more and more freelancing sites available than ever before, some of them are more reliable than others.

I've often found that going for the cheapest option isn't usually the best idea, and while it might sound the best way financially, it's false economy in the long run as you'll often have to pay for a job multiple times to get it done right.


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From what I heard, Upwork seems like a great site, although I am not a member. I am however a member of Freelancer and in my opinion, it sets the standards for other similar sites. I have not been through many freelancing sites but I have read many reviews and if you enjoy freelance work, I would definitely recommend Freelancer.

Doominic anderson

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All the sites suggested by the people here are good to earn from your home if you have internet and sufficient knowledge in your respective field.
Freelancers are increased day by day and projects are also posted on freelancing sites in a sufficient amount that everyone which has capability to do can earn a good amount to give your service to the clients.
There is no need to work under any company,you can earn from your place and you can work on your time as suited to you.


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i have always worked on freelancer so it is best for me and allow to work from anwhere but got to know about various other freelancing sites by the members of this forum.
and found that upwork, guru is also good to show your skills and to earn hourly without any delay and difficulties.

steve taylor

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I register with freelancer and up-work and both websites are provide me best online jobs.
Now in this time freelancing website is very popular and many people like very much freelancing website.
Freelancing websites provide varieties of jobs in a one place you live any country no matter its provide job any where.


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I think Toptal and Freelancer is the best Freelancing website for making money online by working from house or office and i have already doing work with Freelancer.
But it's charge more than other freelancing websites. There are so many freelancing website available whose provide online job:-
Upwork ( known as

niranjan kumar

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If you want work form home self upwork is good, But if you have some good skills and you want to work more and more. You need to go with freelancer, because freelancer have a lot of job that you can do easily.