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Hey ..
Was just wanted to ask which is the best method for link building ??
Some my forums and blog says article.. and some have views about
social bookmarking ..
even personaly i think bookmarking...
Please suggest your suggestions..
Hello Friends......

Forum Posting is the best back link method. Through Forum Posting you can generate quality back link and that can be crawl by the google. Through Forum Posting you can increase visitor of your website also.



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Best way is to find blogs in your industry , theme and ask for a link swap. just go to Google and look for blogs on your topic.


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1. Press Releases

2. Wikipedia like sites

3. Links from .edu and .gov sites

4. How-To Sites

5. Social Sites

6. Memberships and Testimonials

7. Embedded Videos/Slideshows/Software

8. Site And Blog Commenting

There you are! You may spend just a few minutes of each day to build these types of links. With time passing, these links will increase and you will receive more traffic and higher rankings.


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First try out all possible off page optimization methods and then go for social networking sites. Create business page in Face book and in Twitter, then try to follow many members. This will automatically increase traffic to your website as well as you will also get back links..
best method of backlink

Article submission is best as it provide plateform for relevent backlinks. These back links are permanets and good quality.


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I think it's a very wide topic...first of all do you have a tiny website (1 page maybe), or a medium size website or large website?

If you have a tiny site with a keyword rich domain you probably only need a few edu/gov links with a few profile links etc to get it ranked.

But for the more competitive keywords and larger sites a variety of backlinks (coming from different sources) is, blog comments, articles, sharing links (3-way if possible) those are good ones.

Time is also an important factor, as some are more complex/time consuming then others! Think about that too...

I would personally figure out what you find easiest to do, enjoy most and try those first and see what results you get...then add others if you need better results then what you are gtting.

Mix some social media in as well at some stage, like is mentioned before.

Good luck


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hey thats whay im doing right now, firts forum posting, directories sites, social sites,blog sites, and finally tube sites for a huge traffic in your site..


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here are lot of methods you can apply for getting back links such as Guest posting, Article submission, Forums postings, social networking and media sites etc.


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Social bookmarking, Articles marketing, Directory submission and Classified ads submission are good ways of link building.


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There are many ways to get quality backlinks. And to get your website higher in SERP you need to use different methods. Personal for me article submission is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks but usually I use many other ways.
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