Best Real Time Mobile Location Tracker App For Android?

steve taylor

White Belt
My friend buy a new android mobile phone and he install various software.
But he asked me best real time mobile phone location tracker application for android.
I suggest True caller and he is install true caller but he not satisfied so please suggest me Which application is best for mobile location real time tracker.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
I recommend Way GPS phone tracking app. It allows you to track all the phones of your friends and family members in a single account. You can use this app to view their movements in the past 6 months. It operates silently in the background when your phone is on.


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There is no such App or a script to track the exact location, I tried few months back to find a person mobile location and it won't show exact place. If you want such things try to assist police as they can help you.

As for others do you think anyone allow to view their location, is it safety for people doing such things or does network service providers allow?