Seeking Job Best Seo Service Provider In Bangladesh

Asifur Rahman Rakib

Content Writer
White Hat SEO Only:
I will not work outside of Google parameters simply because we could get faster results. I have seen what happens in those instances when sites get caught. I may not know everything about your market space compared to you but I come up to speed quickly. More importantly, I know Internet marketing situations and my job is to ensure we work within Google webmaster guidelines. We will not operate outside of Google parameters defined as White Hat SEO – it is better not to game quality systems and I know where and what is tolerated.

Why hire me versus another service provider?
I know how to leverage the power of already popular third party platforms to launch your new product and drive new leads to your site. My knowledge and experience ranges across many industries including travel, software, engineering, construction, solar, SEO, SEM, web development, fashion, and am an expert link builder that gets results. I can perform keyword research and develop marketing plans that meet objectives and goals.

I am not an overpromiser. I call it as I see it. You will find me very fair, confident and blatantly honest within my work. I promise to respect yours as if it is my own.

Bonus Features:
I have a healthy sense of humor. I am a native English Speaker. And, I provide very thorough project reports to clients and consider myself an over communicator in respect to clients status updates.I am available on WMS and Skype .My Skype id is seorakib

My goal is to drive as much relevant traffic to your website organically so you can convert to sales.

If you have questions....please feel free to ask.

Regards & thanks,
Asifur Rahman Rakib