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Opening a new channel on YouTube has become a very common feat nowadays. Almost everyone posts videos on YouTube, day in and day out. But only a select few manages to make money out of it. And by money, I mean really good money. YouTube monetization has become a top trend among people of all ages, and it’s pretty easy if you can strategize your moves well enough. If you run a self-owned business, YouTube is a very good platform to market your products and services, and make money out of it.
Apart from all this, there is one secret way of reaping money from YouTube that not many are aware of. This is the monetization program which has been launched by YouTube. Via this, you actually get to insert advertisements in the videos that you post. Every time anyone clicks on those ads, you get paid. And the payment is usually calculated on a per click basis.
Now this is too good to be true, right? Well, there are rules, and YouTube is pretty strict about people following them. First and foremost among them is that there should be no vulgarity or promotion of hatred in the videos. Secondly, you should be at least 18 years of age; otherwise they will straightaway reject your videos. Those of you who already have their own videos uploaded on YouTube may just add the feature now.
The best videos to monetize are comedy ones. Comedy is always THE market-catcher when it comes to videos especially. Post funny videos, and people are bound to watch them. If they are good, it takes no time to go viral. Monetization works best when the view count is high. The other kinds of videos which come close are the dramatic or tragic ones.
Once you have got your videos uploaded and added the monetization features, all you have got to do is to ensure that your videos get enough ogles. How to ensure that? Read on.
To be absolutely honest, there are several ways in which you can get the view count to increase. We will be covering just a couple of ways here. The easiest way to get views is to put your videos on raging social media sites like Facebook. Let your video be where the whole world has set their eyeballs on. Those are the places where you should drive your traffic from. Regarding Facebook, you can use several ways to get people’s attention: groups, fan pages, IMs, pay per click and more commonly, just tagging people. Not just Facebook, you can also take advantage of Instagram, Twitter, Google+ etc. The goal is to grab viewers; they can be from literally anywhere.
The more you market yourself, the more views your videos are going to get, the more money you will be able to make for yourself via the YouTube monetization program. Do what comes naturally to you, make videos which are catchy and your channel will be the next best thing in no time at all.


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You have said someone clicks we will get paid, but YouTube pays for CPM too, I am right or did I misunderstood your part?
Getting high View count is the way to drive more traffic, make money because it can be shown in many places like in Related videos, currently watching, top videos to be watch. I started on travel niche, but the viewer count gone too low like a deaded channel.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge here.
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You don't make money based on how many views you have but rather it is how the person engage with the ad that is displayed on the video. You earn money when someone click on the ad on the video or view it for more than 30 seconds.


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The ad will displayed before the video starts, anyone have to view the ad atleast 30 seconds to skip it. I make a 50 cents in a month from views, clicks but don't know how much a click worth on youtube Ad.
Some people told their CPM starts with 0.50$ and it is easy to make money with them, Do you have any channels with them?