My Experience Best Version Of Vbulletin Forum Software


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Vbulletin was the one top software for building forums, but once it sold to new owner and its majority gone down. I like the version 3.7 that was my favorite to have it on site, also heard a lot from other people that love same 3.6. to 3.7
How about you all and do you still like to use it on your forums?

Muhammad Rizwan

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The version I like most is 3.7, it has the features that all other versions doesn't have. One of the best things I like about Vbulletin is, it's made in PHP and support MYSQL database connection. Easy to install and configure even for a newbie.

The latest releases are also good at their own sides. But they require special hardware configuration of a server, in order to be installed. However, this version can be installed on almost all servers easily.


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I have heard from most people the above versions that is 4.0 are bad and seen their structure too. For hardware configuration every hosting is supporting, but I think it will slow down the servers.
The themes which are on 3.7 are beautiful for me. Thanks for sharing your experience with them.


I like vBulletin 3 version. When Jelosoft owned vBulletin, it was great - now IB has destroyed vBulletin. I like vBulletin 4 but, it has a lot of bugs. I don"t want to comment vBulletin 5....

Zirkon Kalti

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Vbulletin forum does not just include a forum but also a blogging software. The user friendly installer allows you to easily set up plugins for your forum. Vbulletin is compatible with many major OS so you should not encounter any problem no matter if your desktop is running on WIndows, Linux, MAC and Solaris. Vbulletin forum can be customized with different types of templates, graphics, and skins. Message drafts can be published. For example, you can write a message and set a publish date. The message will be published even when you are not online. You can also import data from other forums onto the Vbulletin forum. Vbulletin only charge a one time fee for the license compared to other forums such as Invision that will charge you for maintenance fee every few months. If you purchase the Vbulletin 5 license, you will get access to all versions. However, there will be a fee if you want to upgrade to Vbulletin 6.


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I haven't seen Vbulletin blog software when bought the license during that time Jelsoft were the owners. Vbulletin has two license one is yearly upgrade and the other is one time fee.
Thanks for telling further more, but Ive used only one method on Linux server.


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I like vBulletin three version. once Jelosoft owned vBulletin, it had been nice - currently IB has destroyed vBulletin. i favor vBulletin four however, it's a great deal of bugs.