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For those who don't have a clear idea of what a Wiki is, a Wiki website is like an online resource, based on information added by users. Users can add content, remove or edit it, very fast and easily.

– Licensed under the GPL/LGPL v2, it is the most popular enterprise wiki and collaboration platform, ranked in the top open source projects in the World.

MediaWiki – This is the script that runs on the well known free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

WikkiTikkiTavi – It is a wiki engine written in PHP, issued under the GNU GPL license.

WikkaWiki – It's a flexible, easy to use, light wiki engine also written in PHP, based on the legendary WakkaWiki. It is also released under the GPL license.

Wikepage - Wikepage is a small-code wiki software, based on Tipiwiki2.

UniWakka – Also derived from WakkaWiki, it is a light and easy to install software, mostly intended for an university or scientific environment.

PmWiki – This one looks exactly like normal web page, but it has an "edit" link that makes it easy to change existing pages and add new pages into the wiki, using basic editing rules. No need for HTML or CSS knowledge.

ErfurtWiki – Based on the WikiWikiWeb hypertext system, written in PHP, it's very user-friendly, and highly configurable. It also has over 200 extension plugins available.

DokuWiki – One of the best scripts of this kind, designed for small companies, developer teams and workgroups. Aimed at creating documentation of any kind, it's very simple to install and use, and it stores all data in plain text files, so there is no need for databases.

@wiki – This is a free wiki hosting service, with lots of features (WYSIWYG entry composer supported, Password Protected Posts, RSS feeds, etc).

Wikidot – Hosting over 4 million pages, Wikidot offers both free and paid Wiki hosting, depending on your needs. Paid plans range from €49.90 to €239.90
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