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Hi everyone,

Double your bid + Free blog post
For the rest of the month of March 2008, Ozami Keywords bidding directory offers a special offer that gives you double bonus for bids of £3 (approx $6) or higher. You bid price will be double, and you will get a free blog post in Ozami blogs. Regular price for a blog post in Ozami Blogs is £5 (approx $10).

Why should I list my site in Ozami Keywords?
Ozami keywords is a PR2 bidding directory, sites on a domain name that was registered in 2006. Along with this offer, we are spending money promoting it in forums and other
web directories so this is an opportunity for you to get quality SEO friendly link for a very low price. Even if you are not keen about our free blog post offer
you can still take advantage of the basic listing in Ozami keywords which is just £2 (approx $4).

You can start the listing process from here
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