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Bid for position web directory are quite established on the directory scene now. Do you run a bidding directory?

You are welcomed to add your directory here, not just the url, but say a few words about your directory, why its different from all the others and why users should submit to your bid for position directory and not to that of your competition.


New LBS Directory - bid&free option

Hello all,

I have launched my LBS powered directory at 3you(dot)eu It's a little bit modified, so You can optionaly submit for free or bid from 1$ !

Do visit my site and provide your feedback or suggestions.

collinve - Google PR 3

Just BID OPTION ! - Starting Bid £5


Yellow Belt
I run Link Bid powered by Link Bid Script

My site has been around for over a year and all submissions are reviewed before being approved.

Starting bid is still £1. For the £1 minimum bid you are also allowed 3 deep links. Such price which includes deep links is not offered by all link bid directories. :)


Yellow Belt is the original directory of the LinkBidArena graphic theme. The directory is currently pr 3, but the pr will increase as all those who use our theme are linking back to us.
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